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Substance Designer purchase

Thanks to monthly support from my patrons on Patreon I was able to purchase Substance Designer! SD is a tool for procedural texture generation. Those nice shingles, wooden beams, plaster and whitewashed walls, grass and lava. Guess what, instead of … Continue reading

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Player scores

Knights Province has got one more neat feature provided by the Knights Tavern – Player Scores!Now you can compare your single-player skills with other players. Scores are calculated by the following formula: Each mission has a ranking mode (min time, … Continue reading

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Players list

Alpha 11 release is coming soon and I’m not adding any big changes to the game to not cause any new bugs. I’m getting less and less crashreports, which is a good sign of version becoming stable. To keep myself … Continue reading

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Small conveniences

In the next wip build, settings location will change from games folder to “My Documents\My Games\Knights Province”. According to GDSE, this is the most popular location games save their data to. This way settings wont reset each time you download … Continue reading

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Alpha 11 news

Alpha 11 is nearing its completion and is looking for beta-testers. It is the most worked-on version of the Knights Province yet (except for Alpha 1, of course). Last release was 7255 and this one is going to be at … Continue reading

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Dungeon missions test

Today I got curious about what would it take to make some dungeon missions in the game. Here are the results:

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Knights Tavern news

Knights Province Alpha 11 is going to be ready soon and it’s time to talk about one more unique feature that it is going to have: Knights Tavern! Knights Tavern (KT for short) is a codename for the accounts server … Continue reading

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Knights Province has got an updated logo

Preparing to Alpha 11 release, the game has got an updated logo

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How to access developers menu in the game

Pressing F11 once will show the menu on top and the status bar below. Pressing F11 second time will open a right-side panel with more developers controls. Pressing F11 again will hide the menus. For gameplay convenience cheatcodes work only … Continue reading

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Let’s have some fences!

Fences have been long on the game’s todo list. Being a really neat feature described by a single word, it comes with a lot of problems to solve. How does one approaches a feature like that? First the “wants” had … Continue reading

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