New maps

Alpha 11.1 was released just recently, yet it already has 4 new maps for download ( and a mapmaking tutorial by Wychor:

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  1. Lautaro Zualet says:

    Now that’s what you call; a new feature for Knights Province.

  2. An On Ymous says:

    When whatching, i got some idea about fighting gameplay and tactics improvement:
    Why not give the terrain more influence on the fight outcome?:

    – Soldiers standing below(one of the tiles corners) a tree are partially immune to archery attacks (covered)
    – Attackbonus for melee when standing higher than the enemy (attacking from higher stand)
    – Speed bonus/malus for soldiers when moving (e.g. horses running down a hill at double speed)
    – Soldier speed depends on terrain (fast on streets/flat land, slow in uneven terrain requiring more careful movements)

    This would give the game more fun in fighting since the outcome of a fight could be (more) influenced by tactics.

    One additional idea:
    Let soldiers carry burnable stuff to lay fire and therefore block tiles by letting them burn for e.g. 1 minute. they are in that time impassable. So one could “lock” enemy soldiers for a while

    • Ano Nymous says:

      one more thing:

      – why not let archery have a shooting range depending on the height difference to the target like in real? You could increase their range when shooting downwards and descrease for upwards shooting. Just real.

  3. Ano Nymous says:

    I played around a bit yesterday and have some simple but important tweaks for the AI:

    1st: Enemy soldiers should have a sight range to detect incoming enemies. It’s incredibly easy to slip past the enemy lines

    2nd: The enemy collects troops very dumb always at the same place, sending them each alone into my troops.==> In general, the enemy troops should have a system to estimate whether it’s sensefull to fight or not. If there are large troops outside, you have to choose places in the city to collect troops and barricade it instead. Same for attacks from the enemy: instead of in small groups which will fail helplessly, at least after the first failed attack, the enemy should weight your strength (in the sight range of his troops) and attack only with a senseful amount of soldiers.

  4. Nick Postema says:

    mapmaking contect soon ? :D:D we can get some new ones in that way.
    BTW is there any way I could set the spawntimer of ”Walkers” to 3 mins? its a bit too tough on 2 mins haha

    • Krom says:

      You can edit the maps dynamic script and change the interval. It is set in 1/10s of a second here: `WAVE_INTERVAL = 1200; // Every 2 min`

  5. Kasparo96 says:

    Nice to see you guys moving up and up with this new ‘old’ game 🙂
    All the best for you and wish you many successes 🙂

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