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Fish count display

Some time ago I was reworking fishing mechanics. Biggest flaw that had to be fixed – unnatural fish depletion. Now fish slowly regenerates. To make it work, waterbodies had to be made to keep track of their fish reserves. One … Continue reading

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Working on Caster unit navigation

Been working on unit navigation for Alpha 10. It is still very hard and complicated, but progress makes me happy. Made some terrain collision outlines generation code tonight:

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Did some low-poly palms for the upcoming Alpha 9:

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Sneak preview from new map in Alpha 9

Took these screens while playing challenge map in Alpha 9 – you have to survive against incoming enemy hordes, where each new wave is stronger than previous one. I’ve managed to last for ~40min: P.S. You can try out Alpha … Continue reading

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Faking horses

Alpha 8 is mostly ready. I’d guess it will take another week or two before it’s released. Now I’m looking into making some final touches to it. For example until there are proper designs and models for mounted units – … Continue reading

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House notifications icons

After watching second part of Knights Province play ( I’ve decided to look into house notifications. As of Alpha 7.1, they indicate when a house if missing a worker, or a connecting road (these are 2 very popular situations for new … Continue reading

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Wip on pop-up messages

Working on adding pop-up messages. Much needed in Town Toturial 🙂 Early screenshot:

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Selective terrain painting

Implemented another “must-have” feature in Map Editor: painting of terrain surfaces into allowed areas (ground, water, mountains). The screen shows how Sand brush was applied to “ground-only” area – notice how water and mountains remained intact, while terrain surface changed.

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Another bunch of work

Fixed another couple of bugs revealed during automated testing. Been redoing flat buttons: They are still far from perfect. Next step will be to change grey menu backgrounds into something stone/leather/plaster-like. Probably darker shade. Changed new Map Editor terrains selection from buttons … Continue reading

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Improved undo/redo menu

Undo/Redo menu got its own mini-form now, so now you can see what undo steps are available and what did they include, also you can see redo steps in the same way:

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