Discord server. Most active community hub!

Facebook – contains links to new articles in the blog and sometimes new screens. Subscribe to get latest news!

English forum (mediocre activity)
Polish forum (mostly inactive)
Russian forum (mostly inactive)

Development Twitch channel – gets occasional development streams, usually on weekends.

Youtube channel where I have put together playlist of Knights Province videos I made.

Google+ – was more active in early days, now it’s mostly empty.



Game Jolt page

Patreon page page

IndieDB page

Developer resources

Developers wiki:


Developers wiki:

2 Responses to Links

  1. markus Leitner says:

    i’am the guy who translated your KAM Website,
    if you need a german translation for the new Thing: “The Kings Province”
    let me know. 😀

    Greets, Markus

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