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In-house animations for every home!

Animations are super important in Knights Province. The game is meant to be playable in different styles, but one of the bigger focuses are – chill, laid-back experience where players can enjoy building their towns and interact with others towns … Continue reading

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New Knights Province server

As shown in a previous blog post, KP development suite has a great automation tool – Runner / Stadium which can crunch simulations of hundreds of games with AI players in a matter of hours. Such automation is good not … Continue reading

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How does one fix AI starvation?

Knights Province AI opponents in Skirmish have a known occasional issue of not producing enough food for their servants, resulting in citizen starvation and early collapse of their town economy due to that. Let’s look into what it takes to … Continue reading

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Serf army gets more equipment

Had an inspiration for 3D modelling. Only a few ware models are missing now

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Substance Designer purchase

Thanks to monthly support from my patrons on Patreon I was able to purchase Substance Designer! SD is a tool for procedural texture generation. Those nice shingles, wooden beams, plaster and whitewashed walls, grass and lava. Guess what, instead of … Continue reading

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Where does smoke go?

One of the features I’m working on for Alpha 10 is particle effects. Those include smoke, dust, fire, mist and others. Here are some early particle tests from dev tools: Faced difficulties included writing a shader for billboard particles (so … Continue reading

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Performance charts

Rigged those fancy-looking performance charts today. Each section is part of the total frame render time. As you can see, example frame gets rendered under 20ms (equals to ~50fps). Most of the time is spent in rendering of terrain and … Continue reading

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Live Progress #30 – Working on houses

Been working on houses for the past few days. Modelling, texturing and previewing. This is Fishermans house model I’m refactoring now, optimizing polycount, covering holes and fixing proportions. Now house area can be set from GUI, with handy chechboxes. P.S. … Continue reading

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Live Progress #29 – Recast Navigation lib is mostly ported, yay!

Majority of Recast Navigation code has been finally ported to Delphi. Now I can switch back to more NG-related things. Plan is to make a test tool that will load NG map and try to build a Recast NavMesh on … Continue reading

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Live progress #26 – Font Generator tool

Font generator tool has been upgraded to work with font presets and effects.

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