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Contributing with skills

IMPORTANT: To protect Knights Province (KP) project development and its authors, before we can accept any contributions, you will need to sign the Contributor License Agreements (it will be based on Apache Software Foundation ICLA). The purpose of this agreement is to clearly define the terms under which intellectual property will be contributed to the KP and thereby allow us to defend the project should there be a legal dispute regarding the software at some future time.

There are many ways you can contribute to this project. The list is not final, if you have any ideas and/or suggestions to it – please feel free to contact us on Discord ( or via e-mail (

Artwork: Project needs professionals almost in every field:

  • Graphic artists to make concept drawings, sketches, artwork, game elements;
  • 3D modelers to make in-game models;
  • Texture artists;
  • 3D model animators;
  • GUI/UX designers;
  • Sound engineers;
  • Music composers;

Game design: Project needs professionals help with new gameplay ideas, game design decisions, playtesting and balancing.

PR and advertising: Help us promote the project through game sites and communities, social networks, forums. Spread the word, tell your friends, post it around the internet! We want to attract as many players as possible. Do the shoutcasts and streams.

Beta testing: We need players to test new releases before we make them publicly available and report crashes or mistakes they find. If you want to help us beta test please join the Discord server #new_versions channel.

Find and report bugs: If you see any errors or mistakes while playing please report it to us. If the game asks you to send us a crash report, please do so. This helps us find and fix bugs early. Discord channel for bugreports –

Give us feedback: We’d love to know what you think about the project and any suggestions you might have.

In-game content: Campaign, Tutorials, Single and Multiplayer maps and missions.

Further in development, after we release an Alpha and following that Beta versions of the game, project will need:

Translations: Further on in development KP will need text translations into different languages. That includes: Text translations (at the moment engine supports Left-To-Right languages available in Unicode), Voice translations.