Knights Province Alpha actual version:

Knights Province Alpha 12 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 12 (7z package)

Installation instructions:


  1. Download the installer (click on the link above to start download)
  2. Run the installer and follow instructions
  3. Launch the game (either from desktop or Start menu)

7-zip package:

  1. Download the archive (click on the link above to start download)
  2. Open the folder with the archive
  3. Right-click the archive and select Extract to .. (might need to have 7-zip or WinRar to unpack it)
  4. Choose where to unpack the game
  5. Open the folder where the game was unpacked and launch KnightsProvince.exe
  6. If you can’t hear sound effects in the game – try running oalinst.exe from the games folder (this will install OpenAL drivers)

System requirements:

– Microsoft Windows XP x32 or higher;
– 2.0 GHz CPU or faster;
– 1024MB RAM;
– 750mb on HDD
– 3D graphics accelerator (OpenGL 3.3 compliant);
– Sound card.
– Network connection for multiplayer (in future versions).

Old versions:

Knights Province Alpha 12 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 12 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 12 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 12 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 11.3 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 11.3 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 11.2 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 11.2 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 11.1 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 11.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 11 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 11 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 10.1 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 10.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 10 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 10 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 9.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 9.1 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 9 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 8.2 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 8 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 7.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 7 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 6.3
Knights Province Alpha 6
Knights Province Alpha 5.2
Knights Province Alpha 5
Knights Province Alpha 4
Knights Province Alpha 3.08
Knights Province Alpha 3
Knights Province Alpha 2
Knights Province Alpha 1.06
Knights Province Alpha 1

100 Responses to Downloads

  1. AllRight says:

    This game will be so cool. Peoples likes old shool games. Try to post this game to steam greenlight 🙂

    • Grimmnyr says:

      Right? Games like this one is what we actually need in the RTS genre. I hope this pulls through and makes it to the shelves, I would be fine to pay even more than for some new AAA RTS games.
      Keep it up!

  2. Martin says:

    I love the idea of this already. I honestly can’t wait to see what the finised game will be like. Thanks for the hard work guys.

  3. Luca (KaM fan) says:

    Good job guys!!!

    I would pay for a game like this.

    I know that the original does not have this feature, but it would be very nice if you could implement walls in the game (and ranged weapons could shoot over).

    Keep the great work!

    • Krom says:

      Thank you Luca

      With the Knights Province there is no “original”. The game is on its own. And I’m looking forward to add walls into ti 🙂

  4. Markus says:

    Great , I think if you guys put your mind to it you can make a great game.

    Also you guys should try Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight.

  5. Mixi says:

    Hi, when are you planning multiplayer beta?

    • Krom says:

      The game needs more content to be playable. As you can see, even now single-player is not very playable/fun

      • thimo says:

        True, though it’s not far from being enjoyable for the die-hard cult gamers. 😛

        IMO the main issue lies within the ridiculous rates of the military units.. A slight implementation of preview defense/attack settings(not even properly balanced yet, as that’s all fighting demo stuff) would make things a lot more playable already, as right now it would take half an hour to take down one house. 😛

  6. james says:

    you are doing such a good job!!! keep on :))

  7. HollowfiedChaos says:

    I saw a comment saying that someone would pay for it? Wouldn’t that help you guys fund it? Given that KP only has a few things similar to K&M, wouldn’t this be an entirely new game and wouldn’t need a copyright check against K&M? I ask this because it does seem like a good idea, I highly doubt that you guys would charge for it so early in development as it seems like you’re only getting feed back, but in all honesty, when it comes out of Alpha and into Beta, then it would be an idea for you guys.

    • Krom says:

      This is my plan for now – develop Alpha and collect feedback.
      For now expenses are mostly from my own pocket and so far I can afford it.
      Bigger problems, with gameplay and game design cannot be outsourced so easily, so they are holding me and the game back most of all.

      • HollowfiedChaos says:

        Given what you guys have done with the K&M Remake. I’m sure you’ll find some way of doing it. You were able to take a few things out of the game and replace it with others. But I’m sure that you could possibly find other aspects to change which would make KP more unique than what it is now, even if it strays from the original concept of it being like K&M. After all, with the idea of KP, its already a different game and hopefully with time, a different franchise that you could build on. Good luck you and whoever else is helping.

  8. KingCornfield says:

    Tried to download the alpha. Loads great till the last few bits and dont end this so package is not complete. Any idea?

  9. PEDRO says:

    Hello , I’m from Brazil and a big fan of K & M games. Today, researching some things about the games , I found the website of you and some videos on youtube about KP , I loved the idea of ​​creating a game based on K & M . The game will be a new creation or is it a kind of K & M with change? Anyway I will download the game and for sure I will like . We need games of this style . Congratulations for the hard work and success in this walk !

    • thimo says:

      Right now the core is quite similar, yet from all the other news and replies by Krom he plans on creating something totally different from K&M/KMR.
      Implementing his own ideas and a complete overhaul, yet staying within the RTS genre.

      (There is probably a lot more that Krom might like to add but this is what I am sure of.)

  10. Jim says:

    How do I open the downloaded file? It is a .7z file, and I am not used to this, and there doesn’t appear to be anything that will open the file.

  11. Arnaud says:


    I’ve been playing the game since i was 7, i’m 25 now and still like it. I play the KAM TPR remake, and since yesterday been trying out knightsprovince.

    It’s a great job, and it looks really good. I would like to thank everyone who is working on the development, keep up the good work.

    I have a little question, i’ve been using the map editor but can’t seem to find the coal?

    • Krom says:

      Hi Arnaud!

      Coal production is not settled in Knights Province. For now coal is made in coalmakers house from trunks.

  12. Arnaud says:

    Oh great, thanks for the information. The changes made like these, the brewer and the new tower are also a good improvement compared to the original building system.

    Is it possible when a map is made with map editor to share it with others playing knightsprovince, or will this more likely be in the future?

    I also noticed there is a mulitplayer possibility, but i guess this is still under development.

    • Krom says:

      There are more gameplay changes planned for Alpha 7 🙂

      You can share the map as in old days – by packing up maps\MAP_NAME folder and sending it to other players.
      Also you can send the map to me and I’ll see if it can be included into next Alpha.
      Note that in Alpha 7 map format will change to accommodate terrain textures.
      I hope it wont break existing maps, but .. no promises.

      Multiplayer is planned for later versions (around Alpha 9 maybe)

  13. Jack says:

    nice game so far, keep up the good work! 🙂

  14. Virsenas says:

    I have some problems launching the game:

    • Krom says:

      This looks like something that could be caused by missing data files.
      Make sure you have downloaded 7z package completely and unpacked it whole into new folder without any errors/corrupt files.

      • Virsenas says:

        I’ve downloaded the package again, deleted the old game folder and extracted the newly downloaded package into the folder that I have for the game. The problem is still the same.

  15. Boris Kuznetsov says:

    wow, realy cool!!

  16. Daniel Solaro says:

    Just played alpha for the first time, and I must say I loved to see this world back into life!

    High hopes for this 🙂

  17. Joshua van Riessen says:

    This will be a very cool game!!!

  18. Mivec says:

    When will the 6.4 alpha?
    When I saw and playing the alpha 6.3. I was delighted with it, just the bomb.
    Now I come to the site every day, and I look forward to 6.4.

  19. Wogster says:

    Being a fan of the original KaM games, I’m relieved to see you have started to develop this concept and modified it to create its only personality.

    I’ve justed played through 6.3 and eagerly await further developments.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  20. J. Huizenga says:

    Cannot complete tutorial’s level 2. After collecting enough items, an error message appears. Is says: “Error(s) have occured in the mission script. Please check the log file for further details. First error: exception in script: ‘Integer overflow’ in procedure CHECKVICTORY.

    • Krom says:

      Hi, thanks for reporting!

      This is a known bug that happens after a missions end (

      It will be fixed in Alpha 7. Sorry for inconvenience.

      Meanwhile you can go to campaigns screen and click small arrows in bottom-center to unlock next mission

      • J. Huizenga says:

        Clicking the small arrow works.
        Except I have to finish the last tutorial level (4) in order to gain access to the first campaign. In level 4, after killing the swordsman, I get another error. It says:
        “Error(s) have occured in the mission script. Please check the log file for further details. First error: Exception in script: “Integer overflow’ in procedure ‘UPDATEOBJECTIVES’
        (C:\Users\Krom\Desktop\Delphi\next\src\KM_Game.pas, line 1093)”
        How do I finish this level? How do I get access to the first campaign?

        • Krom says:

          This is the same error under disguise.
          The game is still Alpha and lacks a lot of content.
          There are no campaign missions past that.

  21. Purzel says:

    Download the Installer make the Browser Out of Memory, it was loading a lot of many text with Hyroglyphen! I can´t Download the installer or zip. All Links opend the text… Fix it, please!

  22. Zenick says:

    Please the problem yet persist, i cant download any version, same problem related by Purzel.. Thanks

  23. Starlord says:

    Hi, I use win 7 professional. I download both *.exe and zip but cannot install. My laptop said the file was corrupted. Please help

    • Krom says:


      Try redownloading the files. Make sure your antivirus does not interfere.

      • KaM Fan says:

        I have the same issue. I turned off my antivirus before downloading and installing it but it did not work.

        • Krom says:

          Can you send in more details by email? Screenshot and/or description of all steps and error messages.

          • KaM Fan says:

            Have you fixed it? Because I just downloaded the new file and put it on desktop this time. Finally, it worked. The game is amazing although it is still in Alpha.

            This project and 0.A.D are potential. Good luck.

          • Krom says:

            Generally, I do not update older releases. Only if there’s some critical bug found in first couple of hours. Other times new minor version is made (e.g. 7.1)
            If the problem seems to be fixed without version change – it is likely has been on your side (Internet, ISP, LAN, PC, Antivirus, Firewall – possibilities are many)

  24. Rowan says:

    says I need an updated opengl version but I can’t seem to find the download anywhere, any help would be appreciated

  25. Lucas Sandrin says:

    Let´s make Knights and Merchants great again!

    • Krom says:

      Unfortunately KaM TSK/TPR and “Knights Province” are different products and can not be seen as one “trilogy”.

  26. Eduardo says:

    Amazing!!! We players are proud to have you guys making this dream happens!! Congratulations!!

    Eduardo, from Brazil!!

  27. Zombie says:

    I think the name of cidar should be cider

  28. Caio Cesar says:

    Great work man ! Im felling like playing KAM for the first time again… Are you trying to make its way on Steam? I would totaly buy it.

  29. Urbanic says:

    Really good guys it’s amazing future ideas are nice. If all citizens can moved correctly (animation) it will be better 😉

  30. tamethesoul says:

    the game would not download at all please fix

  31. Windsong says:

    So happy,i have gotten this game to play,although some problems like workers’ motivation not acting well,thanks for the makers.

  32. Antonio says:

    I don’t know how to use the zip files. can you please send the game in the installer like in 7.1?

  33. Mikhail says:

    Hello Krom, installed alpha 9.1. I passed the company for 1 day, there were no special bugs

  34. Blasti says:

    Hey hey, just downloaded it today, i am hooked and excited to see more, this is genius!

  35. Dmitriy Demirov says:


  36. Stéphane A says:

    This is copy paste it’s exactly the same game as knight and merchants
    it becomes copyright after it is more beautiful graphically it’s about

  37. Zyklonio says:

    I realy love your work!

  38. Sulik says:

    These are great efforts and results! I think its quality has already can rival commercial products, minus some placeholding house! I have been playing that for maybe 50 hours + and have experienced no crash so far (build Alpha 10.1).
    Are you guy going to make it faithful to K&M, or are you going to make it more user-friendly (e.g. have a circle showing which unit is being selected, making warfare easier to manage, etc.) and/or include some more features?

  39. Ignacio Manzolillo says:

    As a video game developer, I can tell you that it will be a LOT easier for you if you port this into unity engine or Godot. Trust me.

  40. Kroma says:

    Jestem ogromnym fanem K&M. Gram w tą grę ponad 20 lat. Czekam na twój projekt i wiem że będzie dobry. Powodzenia

  41. Jaco says:

    good day download stuck at 99% please can you send me another link

    • Krom says:

      Hi, please try again from different browser or PC. It is most likely that your antivirus software is blocking the download by mistake.

  42. Alex Carvalho says:

    I would like to say THANK YOU!!!
    Thank you very very much for bringing Knights and Merchants back to life on a so beautiful work. I knew about KAM Remake project but didn’t know about KP. Thats super awesome! Thank you!

    Eu queria dizer MUITO OBRIGADO!!!
    Muitíssimo obrigado por trazer de volta à vida o Knights and Merchants através de um trabalho tão bonito. Eu conhecia o KAM Remake, mas eu não sabia do KP. É sensacional! Obrigado!

  43. Dmitriy Demirov says:

    I’ve never expected a game like this

  44. totMarius says:

    tnx, the alpha 11 have bugs like graphics for farms, cow farms, butchers, and a lot of buildings, and some troupes dont move like lancers, sorry for my bad english

  45. looper says:

    dear Krom, Can you share about Steam’s access?

  46. Tio_Kaul says:

    I play the “original” game (KaM), play the online version, and wait for someone do that update in the game, I like the real strategy of the game, (for example: AxxE you create the troops and don’t need feed them?? (isn’t real), in this game you need create roads transport and the supply chain.


  47. Depa says:

    Geat Job !!!!!

  48. Alexander says:

    Just thank you, it’s ****** good!

  49. Xiarko says:

    Hi, I’m not familiar with this, and I’m not sure how complicated it is to create separate exits from the Barracks and resource depots. It would solve the problem of NPCs getting stuck in traffic jams.

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