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Dungeon missions test

Today I got curious about what would it take to make some dungeon missions in the game. Here are the results:

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Setting up AI army plans

Here’s a post mainly intended for mapmakers: For the game I’m looking into setting AI army plans in a more convenient way. Typical aim is 75min session where AI gets an army of a few hundreds That’s roughly starting at … Continue reading

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Alpha 9 plans

I’m planning following major features for Alpha 9: aggressive animals (e.g. boars, wolves, bears) early army to fight those animals (e.g. militia hireable from School) warriors morale to prevent rushes (e.g. militia in enemy town is weakened by a factor … Continue reading

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Terrain Triggers – another feature into Alpha 8

There’s one more feature I want to include into Alpha 8 – terrain triggers. Terrain triggers are special zones placed in MapEd, that trigger dynamic script events when a unit enters into the zone. This is very helpfull for story … Continue reading

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House notifications icons

After watching second part of Knights Province play ( I’ve decided to look into house notifications. As of Alpha 7.1, they indicate when a house if missing a worker, or a connecting road (these are 2 very popular situations for … Continue reading

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New unit training mechanics for Alpha 8

I’ve almost rigged new unit training mechanics in Knights Province this weekend! Cottages will generate new unit type over time called, (for lack of better title) – Blank. Training citizen in School costs 1 Blank unit (no gold required yet?). … Continue reading

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Thoughts aloud on storage

Why do we ever need storages? Every extra resource spending its time in storage is just dead weight. Even worse, every time resource gets brought to and then taken from storage costs extra time and needs some unit to perform. … Continue reading

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Reworking fighting mechanics

This week I was working on new fighting mechanics for Knights Province. I want fights to be a little less random. Hence units will have a lot of hitpoints and proper damage range. Should these numbers show to a player? … Continue reading

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Thoughts on terrain

Once again I’m thinking about reworking terrain render. Introduction of terrain textures rendered old terrain render approach useless. Let’s recap how it works. Till now everything gets assembles from tiles. Each tile having from 2 to 20+ polygons to show … Continue reading

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Cotton to replace Sheep

As some of you noticed in-game and on site plans – Sheep farm was planned to be in the game to produce yarn from which cloth would be made to hire citizens. Major drawback is consistency, sheep would have to … Continue reading

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