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Knights Province Alpha 13 starts its wip journey!

It is time for Alpha 13 to enter its so-called “wip” stage. I gave some consideration regarding the number 13 perceived as unlucky, but then again, I’m not superstitious, so 13 is perfectly good! Now it can be playtested parallel … Continue reading

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Greek localization underway

Decided to take a small detour from major Alpha 13 features (separate post on that matter is coming later). New localization is being added into the game (credits to Absinthe for translations): Game font used on buttons and big captions … Continue reading

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Final Alpha 12 patch is out

Full list of changes, fixes and improvements: Alpha 12 r14147 Fixed training continuation on canceling train order Fixed occasional restart of music on leaving results screen Fixed keeping groups banner behind group commander with respect to Viewport Fixed crash on … Continue reading

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Alpha 12 second patch is online

List of changes and fixes: Complete new campaign by Kinghts Dzapan – “The True King of D” (12 missions) New tactics map “Azincourt” by Dolbi Fixed woodcutters equipment when he’s going to set up and collect coalpile Fixed coalpile setup … Continue reading

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New food mechanics

In the old system, units would eat everything they can in the order it is available in the Tavern till they get to 90% satiety. This had several drawbacks: It would look odd to see units consume both Ale and … Continue reading

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Alpha 12 patch is online

List of changes and fixes: Fixed inconsistency when decals could be erroneously selected under fog of war and got immediately deselected Disabled mines placement on top of decals (e.g. wall elements) Made fences unpickable when under the fog of war … Continue reading

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Knights Province Alpha 12 release (and 10 year anniversary!)

October is a special month in Knights Province history – the game was conceived almost exactly 10 years ago back in October of 2013. It has been three years since the last big release of Alpha 11. There was a … Continue reading

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In-house animations for every home!

Animations are super important in Knights Province. The game is meant to be playable in different styles, but one of the bigger focuses are – chill, laid-back experience where players can enjoy building their towns and interact with others towns … Continue reading

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Adding bridges to the game

Following periodic requests, I’ve checked and revised the decals used to place bridges in Knights Province. Usually they have been faked with “Pier” decal, but it has one unfortunate property – it’s unwalkable. Not to mention gaps between boards don’t … Continue reading

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New Knights Province server

As shown in a previous blog post, KP development suite has a great automation tool – Runner / Stadium which can crunch simulations of hundreds of games with AI players in a matter of hours. Such automation is good not … Continue reading

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