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Adding bridges to the game

Following periodic requests, I’ve checked and revised the decals used to place bridges in Knights Province. Usually they have been faked with “Pier” decal, but it has one unfortunate property – it’s unwalkable. Not to mention gaps between boards don’t … Continue reading

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New Knights Province server

As shown in a previous blog post, KP development suite has a great automation tool – Runner / Stadium which can crunch simulations of hundreds of games with AI players in a matter of hours. Such automation is good not … Continue reading

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How does one fix AI starvation?

Knights Province AI opponents in Skirmish have a known occasional issue of not producing enough food for their servants, resulting in citizen starvation and early collapse of their town economy due to that. Let’s look into what it takes to … Continue reading

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Serf army gets more equipment

Had an inspiration for 3D modelling. Only a few ware models are missing now

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Starting Alpha 12 wip cycle

It’s been a long time since Alpha 11, but at last, Alpha 12 is entering its public Wip cycle! Starting from today, you can find a link to fresh Alpha 12 wip build on Discord. Long story short – lots … Continue reading

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HUD redesign – work in progress

So I’ve been working on the Knights Province HUD redesign lately. It is a two-fold endeavor – design and programming. Here’s how it goes: Some terminology first – typically, HUD is a short for the Heads-Up Display – GUI elements … Continue reading

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Short 2020 overview

2020 is nearing its end. Thank you everyone for following the project! What about code? What about gameplay? Happy New 2021 Year! Let’s hope it will be a much better one! 🙂

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Alpha 11.3 update

Here’s a third minor update with a bunch of bugfixes and small improvements: Fixed a crash when ordering to attack an already demolished house under FOW Minor naming changes (lance > pike, pike > halberd, house > building) Smooth scrolling … Continue reading

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Alpha 11.2 update

Here’s a second minor update with lots of bugfixes and small improvements: Fixed stone stockpile placement after house get demolished Fixed error on loading a savegame with a dead group assigned onto a quickselect (Ctrl+0..9) Fixed a couple of minor … Continue reading

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New maps

Alpha 11.1 was released just recently, yet it already has 4 new maps for download ( and a mapmaking tutorial by Wychor:

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