Alpha 12 second patch is online

List of changes and fixes:

  • Complete new campaign by Kinghts Dzapan – “The True King of D” (12 missions)
  • New tactics map “Azincourt” by Dolbi
  • Fixed woodcutters equipment when he’s going to set up and collect coalpile
  • Fixed coalpile setup time
  • Fixed sheep feeding time
  • Disabled goals editing for skirmish missions in MapEd
  • Fixed workers appearing idle in their homes when killed outside
  • Fixed the reset of save filename in Menu>Save on saves list update (due to slow scan)
  • Removed “Disable music” checkbox
  • Split SFX into 5 distinct categories each with its own volume control
  • Reduced production time for iron armor to match other warfare
  • Added animations for breeder walking with sheepling and grain in hands
  • Added sheep spawning animation
  • Added exact ware count into the hint when the count is more than 1000
  • Improved several house and fences descriptions and hints
  • Added explanatory hint to distribution of wares form
  • Fixed rendering of dark and black areas looking too greyish
  • Removed peasants from game results statistics (as they are not indicative of players progress)
  • Fixed game lagging on warriors trying to attack a house from unreachable tiles around it
  • Fixed and refactored AI army train limits for Story AIs
  • Disabled placement of coalpiles on some decals
  • Fixed lags on editing water surfaces in MapEd if the map had more than a couple of waterfalls
  • Fixed duck sounds playing at full volume regardless of position in game world
  • Added Weak AI that will not attack enemies
  • Fixed AI not incorrectly estimating iron and gold availability in barren mountains
  • Fixed render of trees on the East and South map edges
  • Fixed render of overlays on terrain along the East and South map edges
  • Added option to edit mission author and description right from the MapEd
  • Fixed flow of water on to newly lowered terrain in MapEd

Knights Province Alpha 12 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 12 (7z package)

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4 Responses to Alpha 12 second patch is online

  1. TCTS Studios says:

    somethin’ tells us that the full release of this game wouldn’t happen until 6 months later

  2. Ty says:

    Would love to have something incorporated that if you take over another town and build a road to their “city” you can start to take over their buildings. Really if you took over another town. Destroyed their storage and ways to make new people. It would be super fun to be able to have a unit that could go and convert them…. Maybe a church and a priest or something like that. Love the game and loved playing the original. Been playing this a bunch.

  3. Ty says:

    Theres a glitch. When a serf is killed carrying supplies to a building another serf won’t keep trying to take supplies there. So if a serf dies while carrying a rock to a building to build you now have to demolish the thing and start over

    • Ty says:

      Also, when troops are attacking bears the whole group of troops don’t attack the bears. Just select troops and the rest stand around.

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