Final Alpha 12 patch is out

Knights Province Alpha 12 (installer)

Knights Province Alpha 12 (7z package)

Full list of changes, fixes and improvements:

Alpha 12 r14147

  • Fixed training continuation on canceling train order
  • Fixed occasional restart of music on leaving results screen
  • Fixed keeping groups banner behind group commander with respect to Viewport
  • Fixed crash on negative libx indexes in campaign texts

Alpha 12 r14142

  • Added warning about Skirmish AI ignoring group orders in MapEd
  • Set Skirmish AI to attack closest enemy every 15sec in Tactic missions
  • Fixed terrain sidewalls shading with fog of war
  • Fixed error on having selected a warrior approaching rally point and joining another group
  • Fixed error on joining a warrior to another group that was not previously selected (e.g. after loading a savegame)

Alpha 12 r14137

  • Another game restart fix

Alpha 12 r14136

  • Fixed cattlefarm building area to match the model
  • Fixed occasional error on game end
  • Fixed change of human hand on game restart from save
  • Fixed brewer idle position in Cidermaker’s
  • Fixed discrepancy between “login” and “log in” in KT auth labels
  • Reenabled sky rendering when custom camera is used

Alpha 12 r14124

  • Fixed occasional error on game end

Alpha 12 r14118

  • Fixed occasional error on showing hint for the iron weapon production

Alpha 12 r14115

  • Fixed skirmish applier in MapEd to skip the neutral hand
  • Increased default food reserve added to camps in MapEd
  • Added more starting food to some skirmish maps to fix AI starvation
  • Sped up savegame compression to avoid autosaves clashing when done in rapid succession
  • Fixed occasional crash on splitting groups

Alpha 12 r14102

  • Fixed area effect matching for terrain brushed in MapEd
  • Fixed application of mountains in MapEd with a lasso that didnt include any non-mountain areas
  • Fixed error on loading savegames
  • Fixed error on saving a game loaded from another savegame

Alpha 12 r14097

  • Fixed missing text lines for Hotkeys
  • Fixed detection of Skirmish tactic missions as Story upon loading
  • Fixed warriors to fight back as a group when a member is attacked by a wild animal
  • Fixed wild animals being hesitant to fight back when attacked
  • Added more sounds and stub animations for wild animals
  • Improved rendering performance of selection lasso preview in MapEd
  • Fixed warriors to retain facing direction in a group
  • Allowed to jump in undo/redo history in MapEd by double-clicking in the list
  • Improved group selection retention on split/join orders
  • Added hotkey to split one unit from the group
  • Fixed setting of mission author and description in MapEd from scratch
  • Fixed newly built houses not complying with ware distribution limits if the limit was set to 0 at that time
  • Tweaked warriors stats to be slightly more balanced
  • Fixed error on trying to restart the mission from results screen
  • Changed ware cost estimation to include space requirements factor
  • Fixed AI ware demand underestimation for grain
  • Fixed sheep sometimes getting stuck on breeders death (due to malformed mission setup)
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One Response to Final Alpha 12 patch is out

  1. TCTS Studios says:

    they look good, but i was wondering if the horses had any animation, as well as the lance carriers that also needed some attacking animations, and as of the horses, INCREASE THEIR SIZES!

    P.S.: think of any textures for the buildings that needed textures when Alpha 13 arrives

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