Alpha 12 patch is online

List of changes and fixes:

  • Fixed inconsistency when decals could be erroneously selected under fog of war and got immediately deselected
  • Disabled mines placement on top of decals (e.g. wall elements)
  • Made fences unpickable when under the fog of war
  • Fixed crash on AI trying to plan stonecutters for a distant stone deposit
  • Fixed the game trying to reach KT when pleayer is not logged in
  • Moved Tailors to the Materials build tab
  • Fixed smoke from houses changing between opacity levels abruptly
  • Greatly reduced savegame size by compressing the data
  • Fixed selection bounds of early grain
  • Fixed bad offsets for some map objects in avatars
  • Removed utility grain and orchard map objects from MapEd palettes
  • Fixed rare crash on AI warrior entering tower and exiting it mid-way
  • Fixed calculation of wares value (used in game Results chart)
  • Fixed update of map info in single-player map list on map type change in MapEd
  • Fixed rare crash on unit completing entering a just demolished house
  • Increased skirmish AI default defense positions guard radius
  • Changed units food consumption mechanic to be 3 dishes (meat, bread, drink)
  • Changed food nutrition values to 0.35, 0.25, 0.15 correspondingly and added 0.1 combo bonus
  • MapEd will try reassign DefaultHuman location whenever possible
  • Story missions without human locations will show up as non-playable more correctly
  • MapEd will warn about missing DefaultHuman setting
  • Fixed clipping of grain fields near screen edges
  • Fixed unfinished houses affecting warriors morale

Knights Province Alpha 12 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 12 (7z package)

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