Performance charts

Rigged those fancy-looking performance charts today. Each section is part of the total frame render time. As you can see, example frame gets rendered under 20ms (equals to ~50fps). Most of the time is spent in rendering of terrain and houses. This will be invaluable tool to deal with rendering optimizations! 🙂

2016-04-25 stacked performance

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9 Responses to Performance charts

  1. jankowalski says:

    New buildings look fantastic

  2. SitkoM says:

    If i can ask, when will be a new update?

  3. Vagtazo says:

    Alpha 7 release date?

  4. Ozan says:

    Looks amazing! Cheers to the team for this awesome work! Too bad that my old laptop cannot run it, as I only have OpenGL 2.0. Looking forward to seeing more updates though.

  5. Boris Kuznetsov says:

    Thank you for your work!

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