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Alpha 7 bugs

So far Alpha 7 works out quite well. Collected only half a dozen of crashreports, mostly related to GPU drivers. There are couple of recurring bugreports that I would like to address:

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GUI improvements for upcoming Alpha 7

Added soft shadows around game panels. Also made panels to come to front and overlap other panels when clicked:

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Lower priority

I’m going through some busy times which put Knights Province development on a lower priority for now. Haven’t touched the game in 5 weeks and looks like won’t be touching for another few. On one side it’s a bad thing, … Continue reading

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4000 commits, yay!

Did 4000th commit into Knights Province repository yesterday – another milestone! 🙂 Took me some 2,5 years.

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Profits from rewriting terrain render

There are a couple of positive effects of rewriting terrain render, among which much better scalability. Previously one terrain chunk (8×8 tiles) was limited to having just 4 textures. Now they are automatically split into buckets with 4 textures each. … Continue reading

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Performance charts

Rigged those fancy-looking performance charts today. Each section is part of the total frame render time. As you can see, example frame gets rendered under 20ms (equals to ~50fps). Most of the time is spent in rendering of terrain and … Continue reading

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More dirt and grass and sand

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Grass is coming

First look at terrain textures in game:

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Let’s list some links! Facebook group where I post links to new articles in the blog and sometimes new screens. Subscribe to get latest news! Google+ group was more active in early days, now it’s mostly empty. Twitch channel where … Continue reading

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Neat OOP magic

When something comes out too complicated and does not work as it should, being riddled with entangled cross-references – move it into a new class and break all the logic into smaller chunks .. and then magic happens – it … Continue reading

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