Profits from rewriting terrain render

There are a couple of positive effects of rewriting terrain render, among which much better scalability. Previously one terrain chunk (8×8 tiles) was limited to having just 4 textures. Now they are automatically split into buckets with 4 textures each. Here’s debug render with 5 textures in a chunk:


Number shows how many buckets are used in a chunk (+1 extra bucket for decals, which are untextured yet)

*click on images to enlarge (or right-click – “open in new tab”, if this does not work)

And this one has much more:

Can you count how many different textures are here?

Can you count how many different textures are here?

P.S. Textures are being made by Eleni Wat.

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5 Responses to Profits from rewriting terrain render

  1. jankowalski says:

    Great work !

  2. Sybren says:

    As I’m not very technical I didn’t understand much of the post except more textures in smaller areas? But I have to say those textures look damn sexy especially the volcanic and the grass with stone ones. Shoutout to Eleni Wat for those! 🙂 Great to see you guys progress so much, looking forward to playing new alpha versions and can’t wait for the game to be all finished and shiny! Keep it up.

    • Krom says:

      Great to see feedback like this, thank you! 🙂
      More textures in smaller areas – this is exactly right. As for techical side – things became simpler, meaning I need less effort to wrap my head around 🙂
      I’ll pass the word to Eleni

  3. wisien92 says:

    Looking better and better! I’ll definetly check out the next alpha.

  4. Matthew says:

    Looks very awesome, can’t wait for this to success the oldie but goodie KAM!

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