Alpha 7 bugs

So far Alpha 7 works out quite well. Collected only half a dozen of crashreports, mostly related to GPU drivers. There are couple of recurring bugreports that I would like to address:

  • Error saying “Cannot create Vertex shader. Make sure you have fresh OpenGL drivers. At least version 3.0. You can lookup the OpenGL drivers version in games_folder\logs\kp_2016_******.log, 15th line (“OpenGL Version: 1.4.0” is a typical indicator of missing drivers)
  • Sometimes game cannot go into full-screen mode. Windowed mode is a workaround.
  • Sometimes game fails to start the mission, if there are DLL files mentioned with nv/ati/amd/ig – look into updating GPU drivers.
  • Campaign mission Treasures has a bug – if you destroy yellow players Camp you will lose. Destroying Purple players Camp is enough for victory.

Please also note, that if you do not fill in your e-mail in crashreport I won’t be able to contact you:

  • to suggest possible causes and solutions,
  • to request additional details,
  • to report that bug was confirmed and will be fixed in next version

I’m hoping to release Alpha 7.1 with bugfixes later this week, when more bugs could be collected.

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12 Responses to Alpha 7 bugs

  1. xyz says:

    I found another interesting bug:
    If you place a defense tower next to a mountain, so that serfs can not deliver stone and planks to it, they will constantly pick up stones or planks and then drop them immediately and go and pick up another one, until all your reserves are gone.

  2. Matthew says:

    Great job with this so far!
    i don’t know if you already knew about this one, but if you build 2 towers somewhat near eachother so both can shoot enemies, the AI will constantly switch targets and never attack a tower so you can kill their entire army without loosing much
    here’s a gif:

  3. hecu says:

    I’ve been thinking, you’ve got the sounds right, you’ve got the music right and graphics looks stunning too. Why not focus on adding missing building and units models and their animations for alpha 8 ?

    As of bugs I only encountered one right now. It’s a very minor bug. A flag from apple orchard got stuck, I mean it wasn’t moving like it got stuck in gravity or something. After a while the flag was working fine again.

    • Krom says:


      Now that the game looks sort of right, I’m hoping to aim at game mechanics and work in that department.
      Adding more content now could lead to a lot of that content in the bin, when mechanics change.
      Just a quick example – I’m unhappy with unit training, so whole yarn/cloth/gold could be replaced with something else.

  4. merchant_992 says:

    I have been playing the rivals mission for about 3 hours now. Trees seem to have stopped growing. I have 6 woodcutters with quite a forest around them. No wood is produced anymore, ans the small trees seem to stay small.

    • Krom says:

      Check if you have connecting roads intact, sawmills working, Camp accepting trunks and/or wood. If that does not help, please send in the savegame along with this text description of the problem (

  5. Vagtazo says:


    Little problem, when i kill one enemy automatic win but more 2 left.

    I like this game.

  6. Syn says:

    Been waiting a long time for someone to remake this game. Now that you’re on the case I think it’d be great to fix the things that KaM got wrong.

    1. Combat. Combat is way too confusing. I remember playing the original game at least a hundred times and never actually understanding how to battle. I click my group of guys and right click on enemy units… then watch as all my guys die as I get one or two of the enemy units, even though I had fully upgraded knights to their militia.

    2. Grouping. Allow grouping in more than just unit types. I should be able to join any military unit to any other military unit, not just longbowman to longbowman for example.

    3. Selection. Include a selection box for military units. Left click and drag to create an area inside which each military unit is simultaneously selected.

    4. Resource movement. Instead of just showing 4 items and a priority list of where they can go (which still confuses me. Is 5 the highest priority? Then why does that resource never seem to go where I want it? Why are there only 4 resources listed when there are many others?), why not have a resource list by building? Set demand for each resource at each location and no time gets wasted moving things to where they aren’t needed. It can also help set Serf priority so you’re not waiting around for 10 minutes for a Serf to move that one last board to the weaponsmith.

    5. Time. More than 2x speed is required. I fall asleep at 2x. Literally fall asleep.

    6. Recruits. The basic battling unit that comes from the school has no other purpose than to either sit in a fort or sit in a tower. They sit around eating your food and you have zero control over them. I had 3 towers built last night all being attacked by enemy units. I wanted to send Recruits to the fort to train them to be useful fighters. Instead, each went one by one to try to get into a tower and died. My proposal is to give the player direct control over the basic Recruit, give the Recruit at least SOME fighting power (very weak), and let the user decide whether they sit in a tower or go to the fort. Or better still, use a recruit to explore the map so they can figure out what to build and where.

    7. Useful area indicator. I notice in your build that when I had selected the Stonemason’s building I was able to see what area they’d be able to access in the mountains. Include this Area Indicator in every other structure. Lumberjack, Fisherman, Farmers, Iron monger, anything that hits an area should be indicated. I hate when I build too many corn field plots and the farmer will never access them. I’ve wasted my time, resources and space.

    8. A purely defensive structure. More for PvP play, some sort of barricade or wall that prevents enemy units from just marching into your town. Units can attack a wall to break it down, and it costs a wood or two. Maybe even raw tree stumps rather than processed lumber, to give tree stumps another use.

    These are just suggestions I feel would make the game more enjoyable. I really admire your work so far in remaking KaM, but honestly we already have KaM, and tPR, and tSK. We don’t super need these exact games made again, we need a better game that features many of the same core concepts, but improves player control and enjoyment!

    • Krom says:

      Wow, this is a long list. Thanks for the feedback!
      Reply and discussion would be better on the forum, but still:

      1. Combat is quite straightforward. You need to plan attack vectors and try to attack from behind.
      2. Grouping different types would be nice, I agree
      3. Maybe
      4. I don’t quite understand your description and reasoning. Proportions menu is used to set how many wares each house type should have compared to others of same kind.
      5. 1.5 looks good to me
      6. Good point
      7. Every other structure does not need it really. Farmer have quite a good reach and you should build a field next to each of them, don’t make them walk 10 tiles
      8. In plans

      That is why I’m making a different game called Knights Province 😉

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