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Alpha 7 bugs

So far Alpha 7 works out quite well. Collected only half a dozen of crashreports, mostly related to GPU drivers. There are couple of recurring bugreports that I would like to address:

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On Terrain

I have got this reply from sado1 (forum link) on previous post about terrain textures. I thought many would be interested in replies, so here goes: It might be too early to mention that, but right now the terrain looks … Continue reading

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Guardians of treasures

When you want to put a treasure on the map, how do you plan to keep the guards fed?

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Collecting and fixing bugs

Thanks everyone for testing and reporting bugs! So far these are fixed: After restart / models reload, serfs have wrong texture Overlapping ware rows in MapEd house page Crash when registering mission victory to Records Known, but not fixed: Woodcutter … Continue reading

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Alpha plans

As planned and mentioned before – Alpha is due to be released early this summer. Hopefully around June or so (however schedule tends to slip). Let’s talk about it. Alpha version of the product is like a proof of concept … Continue reading

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