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New perspective

Implementing house rotation and viewing game from new perspective:

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Alpha 7.1 update

Alpha 7.1 has been updated. I have got a lot of crashreports with error in “TFormViewport.UpdateUI” function. They were caused by accessing freed memory. This update fixes it. New version is Alpha 7.1 r4421 Download links remained the same:

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Alpha 7.1

Alpha 7.1 features a dozen of bugfixes and improvements (updated to r4382). Download links: Full list of changes below:

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Alpha 7 bugs

So far Alpha 7 works out quite well. Collected only half a dozen of crashreports, mostly related to GPU drivers. There are couple of recurring bugreports that I would like to address:

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Alpha 7 is here!

Alpha 7 is finally ready! It took a long time, but the list of improvements is also long: Improved Win/Defeat graphics Reworked terrain to allow for textures 21 new terrain textures Terrain surfaces painting with weights in MapEd Improved and … Continue reading

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