Alpha 7.1

Alpha 7.1 features a dozen of bugfixes and improvements (updated to r4382).

Download links:
Knights Province Alpha 7.1 (7z package)
[Download not found]

Full list of changes below:

  • Fixed crash while changing fullscreen and AntiAliasing at the same time (Crash message “Unable to set the pixel format”)
  • Fixed enemy units walking between Towers when attacked, failing to lock on any Tower
  • Fixed repeating AI attacks to have an interval between them (Bad Neighbours map)
  • Changed how AI attacks are set up and carried out internally (note to mapmakers: AI Attack script in DAT file has changed slightly)
  • Split MapEd user interface into moveable forms (supporting short displays)
  • Added version info overlay into gameplay and MapEd UI
  • Disabled developers cheat codes when F11 menu is not shown
  • Fixed display of warriors icons in gameplay UI
  • Fixed some decals texturing (gravel, iron, gold)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to change wares count in Marketplace in MapEd
  • Added status code to FrameBufferCreate failure (will help fix it)
  • Now game will exit upon detecting old OpenGL version (instead of crashing after player clicks Ok)
  • Fixed crash after warning (OpenAL could not be initialized) when OpenAL is not installed. It throws an EAccessViolation, trying to read address 0
  • Sort music tracks by name on unshuffled playback
  • Other small bugfixes
  • r4382 – Fixed defense positions in Assault map
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29 Responses to Alpha 7.1

  1. Ozan says:

    You are fast! Cheers Krom!

  2. Jasper says:

    WOW such an amazing game, very impressive stuff!

    I Just had a small issue with the game:
    -some animations seem to have low frames per second (if that makes sence)
    this happens when serfs or builder are standing still or when they they build with their hammer out.

    but other than that the games looks very good, nice to see you guys came this far already.

    • Jasper says:

      i also noticed the low fps problem to some other animations just now

      • Paulo Sampaio says:

        Noticed the same issue, walking is perfectly normal, smooth, but some other actions always shows the problem.

        I have recorded some of them, had no time to install a screen recorder so I’ve used my cellphone, i`ll try to send Krom the link to download/watch.

        • Krom says:

          I have checked the game again and there are some jaggy animations when units enter/exit houses or exchange. But only these it seems.

          • Jasper says:

            The following animations have this problem:
            -Standing still (happens to all units)
            -Builder when using hammer to build a house
            -Builder when using hammer to build a stone path
            -Builder when digging with his shovel
            -Woodcutter when cutting wood
            -Militia when fighting
            -Stonemason when cutting stone
            -Farmer when farming weat
            and prbly more but i didnt have time to check further.

          • Krom says:

            I did recordings and .. You have an excellent sense of motion!
            There really is a bug in animation code, that applies smoothing only to moving units. Units that stand in one place (idle or working) don’t get their animations smoothed.
            Excellent find, thank you very much for it!

            Fix will be in next Alpha

          • Jasper says:

            and the walking animation is just smooth and fine

      • Jasper says:

        No problem Krom

    • Krom says:

      Just checked, the animations are smooth.

      Did you test Alpha 7? (cos animations were choppy in previous Alphas).
      Do you have overall good fps?
      Did you install into a new folder, not overwriting previous installation?

      • Jasper says:

        I just tested alpha 7 and it still has the non smooth animation for standing still and building compared to the walking animation wich seems alot smoother.
        i overall have good fps yes (180-300 fps)
        And i just installed the alpha 7.1 with the installer and i dont think it had overwriten something.

        • Jasper says:

          btw when i speed up the game to 5x and 8x the ”standing still” animation seems alot smoother compared to 1x

        • Krom says:

          Thanks for details!
          I’m puzzled.
          All animations use the same approach and the same code.

          Were they smooth in Alpha 6?
          Do the Mill blades rotate smoothly?
          Can you record a video of the problem?

          • Jasper says:

            Same problem on alpha 6 with the walking animations being less smoother then in alpha 7.1 aswell.
            I tested the Mill in alpha 7.1 and im having a smooth animation.
            i could try to record, not sure how atm but ill try

          • Krom says:

            Recording would be helpful I hope.

  3. Matthew says:

    Don’t know if this one’s a bug, but you can see what your enemy is doing in fog of war even tho you can’t see his units

    Also, does the cottage building have any purpose other than deco? 😀

    • Matthew says:

      just one small thing, the fisherman says it requires Sawmill but i can build him after stonecutters

      • Krom says:

        Will take a look into this, thanks!

        Did a test – I can not reproduce it. Can you retest and report exact circumstances ? (mission name, build order)

    • Krom says:

      Proper FogOfWar (FOW) is yet to be implemented. It requires a lot of refactoring work, but the game effect will be small (not seeing what enemy does under FOW), so I’m postponing it till later stages (probably till Beta).

      • MixBossAnon says:

        If the enemy attacks me and then I hide my archers for the towers and then attack the enemy is an enemy ceases to attack the towers and Iga in my direction but suffice it to go away 1-2 grille on the coverage and the enemy attacks again towers and not after me . Tower is A
        Enemy is B
        me unit is C
        C go to A and back range archers to A 1-2 grille range archers not schot to B is Atack A not run to C

  4. Jasper says:

    Btw where can i report bugs and leave some feedback on the game?
    only just here?

  5. Kero says:

    What’s about Mac version?

  6. kaking says:

    yeah. Very nice game, love it ! continue that way, it’s a pleasure to us to play your game 🙂

  7. Al says:

    Great game, couldn’t seems to move my soilders?

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