Alpha 7 is here!

Alpha 7 is finally ready!


It took a long time, but the list of improvements is also long:

  • Improved Win/Defeat graphics
  • Reworked terrain to allow for textures
  • 21 new terrain textures
  • Terrain surfaces painting with weights in MapEd
  • Improved and reworked some house models (Stonecutters, Sawmill)
  • Improved water reflections
  • More temp house models (not final)
  • Performance charts show CPU and GPU usage
  • Autosave interval now can be changed from settings
  • More placeholder sounds (not final)
  • Automated game installer
  • Allowed to build towers within 10 tiles from houses without need for a road (not final)
  • Packed all data files into a single resource file
  • Reworked fighting mechanics to be less random (not final)
  • Show unit hitpoints and damage in GUI (not final)
  • Allow to select and see basic info about enemies houses/units and animals
  • Placeholder houses now have player flags too
  • Added separate “neutral” player in MapEd for animals
  • Made animations smooth on high frame rates by adding interpolation between frames
  • Tweaked wares production rates
  • Improved how AI selects houses to build
  • Fixed how AI plans and stocks defence lines
  • Added developers function to save a game into a mission script
  • Units thoughts are visible at any zoom level now
  • New campaign map “Bad Neighbours”
  • Indicate when house has no connecting road to be built or has no worker assigned

This is still Alpha, there are likely a lot of bugs, flaws, incomplete things, broken mechanics and such.

Build has been updated to r4320 (crashreporting was missing)

Download links:

[Download not found]
Knights Province Alpha 7 (7z package)

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12 Responses to Alpha 7 is here!

  1. George Wolf says:

    Well done!
    You have done an Amazing job!

  2. Czempion_PL says:

    Yesss 😀

  3. xyz says:

    Excellent thank you!

    BTW I don’t know if this is the place to report a bug, but every time a recruit exits a fort to go eat, the count is not decremented, so when it comes back you get one extra free recruit.

    • Krom says:

      This is an interesting bug, it is likely to cause a game crash when that “extra” recruit will be trained. Thank you for reporting! 🙂

      • xyz says:

        Seems to be harder to reproduce in this release then it was in alpha-6, I think once you create one solder then it works. Or I am confusing myself.

        Anyway found another one: Create a control group “CTRL+1” kill all units from that control group, and call the group “1”, and you will get a nice exception message.

  4. Flasat says:

    thank you for this new version of knights province, krom 🙂
    now, let’s test it out…

  5. Mivec says:

    Hurrah, hurray, hurray, it happened, thank you very much!

  6. Boris says:

    Hurrah, thank you Krom!

  7. J. Huizenga says:

    Mentions new campaign map “bad neighbours”. Where can I find it in the game? As no campaigns are specified other than intro.

    • Krom says:

      This mission is in the campaign. It’s 5th. You can fast-forward through campaign missions using small arrows down below in campaigns menu.

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