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Terrain textures

Past two weeks I have been experimenting with terrain textures for Alpha 7. I have a special tool to preview just one terrain tile – it makes experimenting and tweaking much simpler and faster. For example I have taken 4 … Continue reading

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Town Tutorial challenge

Thimo has posted a challenge on the forum – who can beat his time in Town Tutorial: topic

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Alpha 6.3 bugfixes

Thank you for reporting bugs! Following bugs have been fixed: Crash on startup caused by terrain shaders (“const vec2 poissonDisk[16] = vec2[](“) Fixed Cidermakers and Brewery offsets Crash on ending missions with captured wagons Sorting SP maps by title and … Continue reading

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Alpha 6.2 bugfixes

List of bugfixes in Alpha 6.2: Crash when placing Fishermans near right/bottom edge of the map Crash when entering selected wagon into Camp Selecting Wagon in MapEd caused a crash Builders won’t repair damaged houses Fighting Back mission victory condition … Continue reading

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Alpha 6 is out – shadows and skirmish!

I’m happy to announce that Alpha 6 is out! Alpha 6 features improvements both in graphics and gameplay. Along with usual expansion of graphics content, the game has got quality improvement – dynamic shadows. Gameplay got improved with introduction of skirmish … Continue reading

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Changing AA lead to a crash

Alpha 5 has a bug that is responsible for almost half of its crashreports: For reasons, Windows does not allow to change windows pixel format more than once (something about it being more complicated than destroy and recreate the window). These … Continue reading

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Warriors got icons

Spent today’s morning making missing icons for warriors: Citizen icons got tweaked a bit too. Shoulders got wider and pose became bit more self-confident.

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