Alpha 6 is out – shadows and skirmish!

I’m happy to announce that Alpha 6 is out!

Alpha 6 features improvements both in graphics and gameplay. Along with usual expansion of graphics content, the game has got quality improvement – dynamic shadows. Gameplay got improved with introduction of skirmish mode.


Skirmish setup

A few words about skirmish – this is single-player mode against AI, much alike multiplayer games where everyone starts in the same conditions. Everyone’s goal is to defeat enemies.

2016-03-10 crossing

Crossing – 4-player skirmish map

New features in Alpha 6:

  • Shadows
  • Skirmish mode
  • New and updated skirmish maps – Crossing, Rivals, Volcano Island
  • New unit models (Brewer, Butcher, Breeder, Smith, Metallurg, Miner)
  • New unit animations (Woodcutter, Fisherman, Farmer, Militia, Swordsman)
  • Victory and Defeat graphics
  • Warriors icons for Fort/Barracks
  • Repaired and improved AI functions for skirmish
  • Reworked main menu navigation
  • Improved Town Tutorial map
  • Nerfed Fighting Back map
  • Skirmish map setup is simplified with a special button in MapEd
  • Adjoined SP/MP results screens
  • Show mining ranges for houses
  • Allowed to block units in missions
  • And as always – a bunch of smaller improvements and minor bugfixes.

Along with new features come new bugs, so if you encounter one – please let me know!

Download Alpha 6.3: Knights Province Alpha 6.3
Old download for Alpha 6.2: [Download not found]
Old download for Alpha 6.1: [Download not found]
Old download for Alpha 6: Knights Province Alpha 6

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  1. MixBossAnon says:

    WOW THX!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joël says:

    Nicee work!!!!

  3. remigius says:

    Looking good!

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