Alpha 6.2 bugfixes

List of bugfixes in Alpha 6.2:

  • Crash when placing Fishermans near right/bottom edge of the map
  • Crash when entering selected wagon into Camp
  • Selecting Wagon in MapEd caused a crash
  • Builders won’t repair damaged houses
  • Fighting Back mission victory condition did not work
  • Small buttons were missing arrows on them

Download Alpha 6.3:  Knights Province Alpha 6.3
Old download Alpha 6.2: [Download not found]

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10 Responses to Alpha 6.2 bugfixes

  1. Jan says:

    Amazing work
    thank you so much for what you doing. Waiting for this many many years

  2. Jan says:

    I’m Playing and I can stop need more buildings to build my big town 🙂

  3. Yegor says:

    Campaign mission 2 “Gather Resources” crashes on victory conditions.
    Log entry:
    12:01:17.173 42,290s 18011ms Script: Exception in script: ‘Integer overflow’ in procedure ‘CHECKVICTORY’

    • Krom says:

      Thanks for reporting!
      Unfortunately this is a repeating bug and I had no luck in reproducing it yet. Cannot promise when it will be fixed 🙁

      EDIT: I recall how I was able to fix this bug. I need your help though – Do you have a crashreport or savegame or a log with this error?

      • Yegor says:

        Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, I have not access to game sources, but some tests with campaign “materials.script” and in-game tests show that bug appears when I got resourses from wagons.
        Hope it will be useful.

        P.S. Can I somehow get access to source? I could find this bug on my own.

  4. Yegor says:

    UPD: Where can I send you my savegame? I test. It is definitely caused by wagons.

    • Krom says:

      Fixed thanks to Thimo, he reproduced the bug and I have fixed it (will be in Alpha 6.3). For now it is safe to skip it and “Resume Application”

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