Alpha 6.3 bugfixes

Thank you for reporting bugs!


Following bugs have been fixed:

  • Crash on startup caused by terrain shaders (“const vec2 poissonDisk[16] = vec2[](“)
  • Fixed Cidermakers and Brewery offsets
  • Crash on ending missions with captured wagons
  • Sorting SP maps by title and locations is the other way round
  • Location for Ciders on Town Tutorial did not match new house shape
  • Several big memory leaks (r3575)

Download: Knights Province Alpha 6.3

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18 Responses to Alpha 6.3 bugfixes

  1. Audio.93 says:


    Ill play all tutorials again this week and the skirmishes to check stuff!

  2. Tw1ser says:

    Keep up the good job! If you guys fully port KaM and at least make it somewhat similar and post it on Steam Greenlight I guarantee you lots of success!

    Thank you for making this possible!

    • Thimo says:

      KMR = KaM
      KP = not KaM

      KP is a new game all by itself.
      Also, due to legal reasons a KaM port/copy/remake could never be put in the Steam store.
      KP on the other hand is a custom product, Krom can do what ever he wants with it.
      Though I am not sure if you would want to use Steam to sell it…
      After reading all these negative articles by small game creators about how Steam treats them and their hard work…

  3. Tw1ser says:

    Also when you press Escape to open Menu, I feel like you should be able to press Escape again to “Return to game”

  4. Tw1ser says:


    *Stonecutter worker doesn’t have an animation for walking, just plain model standing and moving awkwardly ha


    *Whenever you place down “X” crosses to build roads, I feel like the “X” themselves need to be different just like in KaM one type of X for each type of road, field, orchard.

    *While holding ctrl/alt or shift, I feel like it’d be cool to be able to rotate camera all around, instead of just zooming out and in.

    *When the building is built and if it doesn’t have a proper worker (ie the worker icon is blacked out) I feel like when you hover over the blacked out worker icon the tooltip should appear a bit quicker

    *The buttons [->] (go to this unit) and [X] (close worker tooltip) do not have hover over tooltips.

    *Game time speed multipliers x4 x8 x16 x32 possibile?

    *It would be cool to implement the clock for the school like in KaM to show Training Queue in real time.

    *When placing down a building, (ie picking a space for your new building) I feel like maybe the ALREADY BUILT buildings should have a *blue* outline on the edges of the area it covers, makes it easier to align buildings in one line and gives faster understanding where you cannot build and where you can

    *When using units to move, there should be a moving marker aka RTS green arrow marker pointing out where the mouse was pressed to move the unit

    What I LIKE!:

    *Each worker icon has a tool by the statue, I feel like it’s really neat

    *Performance is great so far on i7 with intel hd 5500 integrated graphics, even though I’ve only tried small maps

    Feel free to email me about whatever! I’m glad to help in any possible way.

    • Krom says:

      Bug: This is true for many more units and animations that are not made yet.


      1. On my list among hundreds of other things
      2. I’m still having thoughts about that, free camera implies rotated houses, implies a lot more work and town planning problems.
      3. All tooltips appear with the same delay, but if you had a tooltip before it appears instantly.
      4. Added to list, thanks
      5. You can edit KnightsProvince_Settings.xml to edit F6-F8 speeds, but I’m hoping to avoid need for speeds higher than x3, they generally spoil the game
      6. Thinking about that
      7. Thinking about that too, something along the lines of SimCity kind of games, where house placement showed dim grid IIRC
      8. Yep, need this and a lot more icons/glyphs

      1. Thanks, that’s the only way to surely distinguish them I thought of
      2. I’ll put my efforts to make it worse! (by adding more content and add more visual effects, like terrain textures) xD

      Thank you for detailed response, this is very appreciated!

      • Jrrrr says:

        For free camera and rotation, how about same system as in Warcraft III? (When you press button to rotate, you can rotate your view up to 90 degree, but when you release the button all goes back to normal view) That wouldn’t make any town planning problems, and with 3D engine it is a real waste being stuck with upper-front view only.

      • robert says:

        I’m playing a game on AI build i think, the one with 8 players. All enemies have starved to death and im 2:44 in the game now.

  5. Jan says:

    Please add more soundtrack in next alpha
    3 track destroy my ears ;d

  6. Harry says:

    Sometimes fight beetwen two groups of axefighters bring no result. Only bringing another unit, which kill one of groups end fight 😉

    • Harry says:

      And, oh. I’m glad too see that project is escalating into actuall game. Me and my older brother, who basically grown on KAM is in heaven, seeing it grow.
      Don’t stop doing what you guys are doing, cheers to you, and lots of luck :)))

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