Faking horses

Alpha 8 is mostly ready. I’d guess it will take another week or two before it’s released.

Now I’m looking into making some final touches to it. For example until there are proper designs and models for mounted units – here are some fake horses to distinct kinds of troops:

You can also see new group orders icons.

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17 Responses to Faking horses

  1. Sado says:

    They look like they are riding on dogs! Please make them look like German shepherds and leave in the game as an Easter egg 😀

    • Vatrix says:

      It looks like horses, open your eyes Sado 😀
      Also this game can have so much easter eggs to it’s early development. It would be quite funny!

  2. J says:

    It looks like pony:)

  3. Ray says:

    I actually kind of hope you keep the ponies.

  4. jan kowalski says:

    horse should be little larger

  5. Popol says:

    Horses are too small imho.

  6. Ape says:

    Is it possible to donate through Paypal?

    • Krom says:

      Hi, we still haven’t set it up. I’ll make an announcement when/if it is available. Thanks for asking!

  7. StarGazer says:

    looks funny
    shortly are crushed by the weight of the knights 🙂

    • Krom says:

      StarGazer, nice to see you here! Please be welcome and feel free comment on anything (including older posts)! 🙂

  8. Arrekin says:

    What technique are you using for fog of war?
    I am planning my own rts and thinking about about solution for this

    • Krom says:

      I have written a couple of articles about FOW in this blog around 2015-2016. You can search in google for “site:knightsprovince.com fog of war”

  9. Ruben says:

    I was just looking to see if I can find another game like Knights & Merchants and found the remake and now also this one. Will it be available on Steam? I think you might get some money for it, even if you give it for free, people will donate (but maybe not that much? I don’t know) if you ask them to. Would be sweet to have another memorable game like Knights & Merchants.

    • Krom says:

      Hi Ruben,
      This is my long-term goal, but given how slow it progresses, it will take another half a decade to reach the Steam xD
      The game is in Alpha, and I would not want to sell a half-baked-with-a-slight-chance-of-abandonement product.

  10. Scriptable says:

    Graphics seem a little too cartoon-ish. Just a thought.

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