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Continued planning on Control Points

The game needs something to lure players out of their towns into the wild

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Temp solution for missing unit models

While there are no proper unit models, temp solution is to overlay the unit icons and assest they carry (or armed with):

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Strange Attractor

Developing an RTS game is not only the code and art. Game design is a big thing too. I’m subscribed to a lot of newsfeeds from many game related sites and blogs. RTS games are quite rare today. Reading I … Continue reading

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What level of graphics will NG try to achieve in the end?

TL;DR: It’s hard to say. I don’t think there’s a game which style I could name a 100% reference.

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Yarn, Cloth and Cider

New wares ideas: Yarn, Cloth It has bugged me a lot to have skilled citizens cost the same as serfs – one gold chest. We can add new ware – Cloth. So that low-skill units (serfs, builders) cost just the … Continue reading

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Here’s another idea mentioned by TheDarkLord in the previous ideas topic: Camp-Wagons (CW for short). CWs could enrich the game by allowing the player to choose where his town will start. It could be an interesting addition to the game.

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Camp/Store transition thoughts

The goal of it: Visual – to make it look consistent with a small village and a big town later on. Gameplay – strategic decision to choose the right moment to do an upgrade. Too early in the game will … Continue reading

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New house/location concept – Stash

Let’s start a new category of posts, called “Ideas”. Here I will post ideas about the game. Here’s the first one – a new house called “Stash”. Goal. This is a non-player structure placed on the map which can hold … Continue reading

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Food role in the game

Food plays major role in the game. Let’s try to understand why and what we can do about it:

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Thoughts about military

I’ve been thinking about organizing troops in NextGame. This post is a snapshot of my thoughts, incomplete and fragmented, so please allow enough room for later changes and details to be added. Firstly we would want to keep the Rock-Paper-Scissors principle, … Continue reading

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