Setting up AI army plans

Here’s a post mainly intended for mapmakers:

For the game I’m looking into setting AI army plans in a more convenient way.

Typical aim is 75min session where AI gets an army of a few hundreds
That’s roughly starting at 1 warrior per minute and ending with 10.
Let’s average that to 5.

Now there are roughly 10 warrior types which could be trained
So on high end we might have requirements of 8 melee per min. On low end we could have 1 siege per 20 min

– Higher numbers naturally feel like more (instead of EquipRate which goes in reverse)
– It’s more intuitive to set this in an integer format

So my proposed plan is:
– set army demand in form of “WarriorType per hour” for each warrior type
– allow to change this from dynamic script

This way AI could be set to train exact army proportions (e.g. a lot of swordsman and bows, or all in into militia and a couple of catapults, or just a few pikemen for remote villages)

What do you think about this feature?

P.S. Forum discussion.

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