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Live progress #12 – Stones, roads, cursors, AI

The funny thing about AI, is that once you let it loose it starts living on it’s own. So I was poking around, fixing various bits and pieces and added a second player to the Lake map.

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Thoughts about military

I’ve been thinking about organizing troops in NextGame. This post is a snapshot of my thoughts, incomplete and fragmented, so please allow enough room for later changes and details to be added. Firstly we would want to keep the Rock-Paper-Scissors principle, … Continue reading

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Live progress #11 – stonemining

Taking advantage of 3D and stone deposits being decals, now stone can be mined from any direction and from any terrain type underneath: P.S. Meanwhile School and Store got a little sketching progress.

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Live progress #10 – refactorings

Last week has been rather busy, so most of the time spent was in shorter session and aimed at refactoring. Redoing rendering approach. Now houses and units do not draw themselves, like they used to. That allowed to put all … Continue reading

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How terrain works #2

Last time we have stopped on basic terrain appearance. How mixing surfaces and transitions between them works. Today’s the second part of the terrain being explained – decals.

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Neat thing about modern Delphi

We have a custom type – TKMPoint. That type is basically a pair of values X and Y. In older days when we wanted to add two points together (for example defense position and unit position within the group) we needed … Continue reading

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How terrain works

I have been asked an excellent question – how do terrain tiles and objects work in NextGame? NextGame maps are still created from tiles, but those tiles have taken an extra dimension and I’ll try to explain what does that mean. … Continue reading

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Live progress #9 – stones

Irregardless of other features, I’m quite confident that there will be mine-able stones in the game. In the older days they were made as a special terrain type, but that approach had many pros. So how can they be made … Continue reading

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Live progress #8 – unit picking

Since NextGame moved to 3D all unit picking routines became outdated. So today I have implemented a new unit picking algorithm. It works by checking an intersection between ray cast from players view and units bounding boxes. Of course a … Continue reading

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Walking units

Making a new game from scratch is a huge deal, but what about redoing an existing 2D into 3D? Game logic remains 2D, most of the internals don’t change that much either. Still it is a huge deal when it … Continue reading

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