Live progress #12 – Stones, roads, cursors, AI

The funny thing about AI, is that once you let it loose it starts living on it’s own. So I was poking around, fixing various bits and pieces and added a second player to the Lake map.

But first – routine stuff:

  • Stone deposits are now well mineable from all sides;
  • Cheap roads idea – roads that can be built without spending a stone on them. The plan is to try them out later and see what strategical value they might have;
  • Cursors!
    2014-04-28 cursorsWe fought with them for years, now there are with proper nice blending and hopefully bug-free. Can’t show them on screens, since OS clips them out;
  • Cleaning static scripts of obsolete and outdated commands;
  • Up-to-dating AI. With just a handful of fixes it’s back in action! Look what it has done:

2014-04-29 ai_town


Now that screenshot is nowhere near AAA title quality level (laughing about even idea of such comparison), but there’s certainly some lively action going on. There’s something magical about seeing game’s alpha in action 🙂

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2 Responses to Live progress #12 – Stones, roads, cursors, AI

  1. The Dark Lord says:

    Nice progress. 😀
    About ‘cheap’ roads and stone roads: in the Anno series your villagers walk faster on stone roads which means deliveries will be faster. Sounds like a significant advantage to me. 🙂 Maybe an idea for NG?

    • Krom says:

      Thanks TDL! 🙂
      That was my first thought too 🙂
      So for example, arrow towers don’t need cobblestone roads since they don’t need much traffic, cos they don’t use any wares to “work”, and that means they can be built much faster.

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