Live progress #11 – stonemining

Taking advantage of 3D and stone deposits being decals, now stone can be mined from any direction and from any terrain type underneath:


P.S. Meanwhile School and Store got a little sketching progress.

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4 Responses to Live progress #11 – stonemining

  1. The Dark Lord says:

    Seeing all those buildings at the bottom – would you consider changing building’s shapes and their entrance locations? NG is a new game and not KaM 2; while I love the old game really much I’m not sure if I’d like to see the buildings so similar to KaM buildings.

    • Krom says:

      Of course shapes are going to change somewhat, but I haven’t had a deep thought about that yet. Do you have any specific ideas in mind? 🙂

      So far I was thinking about the scale of the houses, are they “interesting” to play with? Making houses smaller is hardly possible, but what if we have them 25% bigger? E.g. Castle would take 6×6 tiles, how that would affect the city planning and other areas? Usually games houses are 2-5 units wide.. There must be a reason behind that..

      • The Dark Lord says:

        Probably because much larger would just look strange or it might be annoying to walk around them.
        Now we are talking about it anyway: if buildings stay quite ‘small’, will multiple units be allowed to stand on a tile together?

        I think some important buildings should definitely be larger. The main building, in the tech tree called ‘camp’, could maybe be 5×4. 6×6 for the castle sounds good too. Tavern should be little bigger than normal as well, since the whole town has to eat there. 😛

        Something completely unrelated: will buildings look different when you upgrade them? I love it when all buildings have the same style because it adds to the village or city ‘feeling’. Having a huge castle among some pathetic woodcutters’ huts will look strange in my eyes. Maybe some other buildings should change too as your population grows… Although that’s just minor details at this stage I guess.

        • Krom says:

          “Much larger would just look strange or it might be annoying to walk around them” contradicts the later question “Multiple units be allowed to stand on a tile together”. Everything is relative 😉

          In the long run we will probably move away from “1 unit = 1 tile” equation, so that units will not be dependent on the grid. That however requires a huge amount of coding, so for now will stick to the grid-based movements.

          Upgrades are a whole topic, I’m not sure if they will work out, but for now plan is so that upgrade changes the visual appearance, but the houses size stays the same (otherwise it would be very impractical or impossible to upgrade a house surrounded by the roads and other houses). It will probably look like building phase of usual houses, with a new model being constructed around former one.

          Visual styling should be quite okay if we take into consideration house’s “tech” level. Starting encampment, woodcutters, stoners house – they all are low-tech, made from sticks and mud (metaphorically speaking), while Castle is on the opposite end of the “tech” range. Low-techs are placed on the outskirts and clump together, high-techs are usually in clumps too. What we would like to avoid – mixing techs. For example sawmill should be just a little more techy than a woodcutters cabin, otherwise it will look out of place.

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