New perspective

Implementing house rotation and viewing game from new perspective:


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Alpha 7.1 update

Alpha 7.1 has been updated.

I have got a lot of crashreports with error in “TFormViewport.UpdateUI” function. They were caused by accessing freed memory. This update fixes it.

New version is Alpha 7.1 r4421

Download links remained the same:
Knights Province Alpha 7.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 7.1 (installer)

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Alpha 7.1

Alpha 7.1 features a dozen of bugfixes and improvements (updated to r4382).

Download links:
Knights Province Alpha 7.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 7.1 (installer)

Full list of changes below:

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Alpha 7 bugs

So far Alpha 7 works out quite well. Collected only half a dozen of crashreports, mostly related to GPU drivers. There are couple of recurring bugreports that I would like to address: Continue reading

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Alpha 7 is here!

Alpha 7 is finally ready!


It took a long time, but the list of improvements is also long:

  • Improved Win/Defeat graphics
  • Reworked terrain to allow for textures
  • 21 new terrain textures
  • Terrain surfaces painting with weights in MapEd
  • Improved and reworked some house models (Stonecutters, Sawmill)
  • Improved water reflections
  • More temp house models (not final)
  • Performance charts show CPU and GPU usage
  • Autosave interval now can be changed from settings
  • More placeholder sounds (not final)
  • Automated game installer
  • Allowed to build towers within 10 tiles from houses without need for a road (not final)
  • Packed all data files into a single resource file
  • Reworked fighting mechanics to be less random (not final)
  • Show unit hitpoints and damage in GUI (not final)
  • Allow to select and see basic info about enemies houses/units and animals
  • Placeholder houses now have player flags too
  • Added separate “neutral” player in MapEd for animals
  • Made animations smooth on high frame rates by adding interpolation between frames
  • Tweaked wares production rates
  • Improved how AI selects houses to build
  • Fixed how AI plans and stocks defence lines
  • Added developers function to save a game into a mission script
  • Units thoughts are visible at any zoom level now
  • New campaign map “Bad Neighbours”
  • Indicate when house has no connecting road to be built or has no worker assigned

This is still Alpha, there are likely a lot of bugs, flaws, incomplete things, broken mechanics and such.

Build has been updated to r4320 (crashreporting was missing)

Download links:

Knights Province Alpha 7 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 7 (7z package)

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Today’s improvements

Today was a productive day for small fixups:

  • Lots of renaming and refactoring in code
  • Fixed falling tree sound played behind fog of war
  • Added dev button to save running game into a mission (map + dat files)
  • Made fog of war updates every other tick (reduced CPU load, visually unnoticeable)
  • Matched naming of Options/Settings menus in main menu and in game (Options win)
  • Unit thoughts are visible irregardless of zoom level now
  • Added 2-nd flag to School house for better looks
  • Fixed x2 slowdown building speed broken a day before (my bad)
  • Temp sound for small buttons click (same as big but softer)

Now the game is at revision 4260

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Note on Knights Province animations and how they got better last week

Knights Province needs a lot of animations. They are essential to making the games’ world feel alive.  Here’s how they work and how they just got better.

Animations start with a skeleton rig. Rig is a description of how character skeleton bones are located and which of the characters parts they affect. Typical character rig in Knights Province consists of ~20 bones. 20 is a good compromise between animation visual quality (more is better), animation cost (less is cheaper) and game’s performance (less is faster). Typical rig looks like this:


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r4186 – Interpolating animations and refactoring AI

Smoothed house and unit animations. Where they were sampled at 30fps and nearest frame was picked to render, now the render shows interpolation result between two frames (article will follow later).

Did a lot of work on refactoring old code, simplifying and cleaning out. Moved code bits around for better and more logical layout.

AI parts responsible for choosing a house to build got structured better.

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GUI improvements for upcoming Alpha 7

Added soft shadows around game panels. Also made panels to come to front and overlap other panels when clicked:


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Getting back to the game

This weekend was devoted to getting back to the game


What has been done towards Alpha 7:

  • Allowed to select enemy and neutral houses and units and see their generic info
  • Added entrance element to house plans fences
  • Added neutral player in MapEd, animals could be placed only for that player now
  • Had to revert terrain smoothing, it worked wrong on fences. Proper solution is planned
  • Fixed 1 second minimap update delay on mission start
  • Worked on moving all data files into a package
  • Minor updates for some maps
  • Fixing GUI errors and crashes in MapEd
  • Fixing houses/units names (changing pigs to cows, skins to cowhides, etc.)
  • Improving statistics menu layout
  • Optimized flags rendering
  • Added flags to almost all houses and house placeholders
  • Tinted bottom edge of fake houses for better lighting feel
  • Tweaked warriors HP display
  • Fixed idle warriors animation loop and also made all warriors to idle not in sync

All in all that resulted in 73 commits, and now the game is at r4093.

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