Continued planning on Control Points

The game needs something to lure players out of their towns into the wild

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  1. thimo says:

    Timed events might be something, though the mission script can do this too.
    The cart for example, it will only be there for an x amount of time, after that it disappears or goes to the enemy team.

    Maybe something more like C&C where you have special buildings for the map, these are static and can only be destroyed by weapons, that a new unit, eg spies, have to capture and hold for, say, 5 wood or 5 stone or 5 clothes per 30 seconds. you can capture it from other players or destroy them.

  2. KingCornfield says:

    Maybe something with strategics or sidequests like “The Settlers” or “Anno” do.

    • Krom says:

      Sure thing. I plan to implement core mechanics in the game and let scripts to interact with it.

      • thimo says:

        That is one amazing idea, though would need a big tutorial for scripters.
        As it can be quite difficult to understand at first.

        Sounds like an interesting project. 😛

        • 4lexO says:

          It’s could be a real advantage for players who have good ideas but can’t implement it because they don’t know how to use the scripting feature.
          But Krom isn’t obliged to make this big tutorial alone, it can use a shared document where everyone can help to make it.
          Regards !

          • Thibmo says:

            Very true, I am actually trying to create a full list of procedures and functions that scripters can use in KP.

            So far I have everything of the Alpha 3.08 release, I am not sure how much changed in Alpha 4 but those could be added quite easily.

            I would not mind cooperating with Krom to create the same on his own official wiki that he created on GitHub. 🙂

            I am, however, thinking of creating a page like the wiki of Garry’s Mod.
            IMO it looks amazingly slick and everything is easy to find.
            It uses a left-side list with everything, including a search bar, then once you click one function/procedure/enumerator/etc you get a page filling the rest-space with a small example and a full description etc.

            That might be amazing for KP as well and I would not mind helping to realize that. 🙂

          • Krom says:

            I’m happy to see both alternatives 🙂

            alhtough I’m a bit more gravitated towards github solution, as more mature company with backups and everything.

          • Thibmo says:

            That’s understandable, indeed.
            As individual it’d be way too expensive for me to make off-site backups etc.
            I rely on on-premise monthly full backups, daily differential backups and a raid 5 config on the SAS controller. 😛
            That’s enough for me now.

            My wiki might eventually move to a hosting company to ensure it’s up 24/7 with an SLA.

            For now it’s more important to me that everything is accessible for the fans and curious people and to store everything on a second location with a different layout to please ones who would prefer it.
            Also serves as backup for, say, recovering lost articles.
            ( And I get to play around with PHP for a good reason. 😛 )

  3. 4lexO says:

    The design is something important for this game to create a real rupture and add a aesthetic visual aspect who improve significantly the core game of KAM to KP in a positive way.
    Then, add scripting and gameplay elements which are not in the first KAM will change the gameplay and can lost players in how to play it. So add scripting features is a good point but you should be careful to not change the core gameplay of the original KAM.
    I think that Knights Province should have the same core gameplay of the original but with a better design and new elements like sheep or orchads (which are already in) and new features like secondary quests generates randomly with for example “reach 10 solders before 40min”.
    Thanks in advance to read me 🙂
    Regards !

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