Here’s another idea mentioned by TheDarkLord in the previous ideas topic: Camp-Wagons (CW for short). CWs could enrich the game by allowing the player to choose where his town will start. It could be an interesting addition to the game.

Main properties:

  • CW responds to players orders and can move around the map.
  • Once in place, player can command CW to convert into a Camp (to start building a town around it).
  • When CW becomes a Camp, several Serfs/Workers can come out of it.
  • CWs have very slow moving speed, so to make player choose, to either look for a better spot and spend valuable minutes, or don’t waste time and start where he is.
  • CWs might look like a wagon with a horse pulling it. This is yet vague, since we dont have support for units bigger than 1 tile in size, which CWs should exceed.
  • Perhaps players will be able to build their own CWs in a SiegeWorkshop? There are some issues with that however (do we want to have disconnected towns? how to equip CW with Serfs/Workers, will they hunger there? Etc.) We can fix that later or forbid to build CWs at all – no drawbacks in that.

Usage scenarios:

  1. Start the mission with a wagon, small army force and enemy troops approaching. Player has to flee from the enemy into a safety (e.g. a campy location, or towards allies location) and protect his CW. Once safe – player can choose the location where to start building his town.
  2. In multiplayer players might start with CW and move their bases into unexpected locations. However that might be tempting to rush in such a way by moving next to the enemy and going for quick assault force, wagons speed should make it hardly worth it.
  3. CW can be given to a player in a tactics mission at some point. E.g. player can choose between winning a mission by attacking stronger enemy and winning, or attack a weaker enemy to liberate a CW and then build a town.
  4. Suggest your own idea! 😉
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2 Responses to Camp-Wagons

  1. zavar says:

    I think to be able to create CWs is a must. I always wanted to have multiple towns in KaM, even used the glitch to destroy roads to separate towns (with no success). Especially if you are planning to add navy, this would be great. Maybe it’s not so important in competitive play, but in a single player campaign with a huge map, I would love to have it.

    I think it would be good to be able to destroy roads too. If you can destroy houses, why can’t destroy roads? What would be even better, is that if the workers would deconstruct the houses and roads, so it won’t be just magically exploding. Maybe even regain some of the wares.

    • Krom says:

      Multitowns is an interesting idea. Maybe it will work out when/if one player can control several in-game players at once

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