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Alpha plans

As planned and mentioned before – Alpha is due to be released early this summer. Hopefully around June or so (however schedule tends to slip). Let’s talk about it. Alpha version of the product is like a proof of concept – showcasing the … Continue reading

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Live progress #37 – School GUI

Working on the school GUI: Revised unit icons once again Added 3 more unit icons A new tooltip element that pops up on mouse over. Intended for detailed unit description in the school gui Rows in description are fake ones, … Continue reading

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Live Progress #36 – 3D models in GUI

Made 3D models to render as GUI elements – this feature is much required for MapEd map objects palette. Crude so far, but working:

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Strange Attractor

Developing an RTS game is not only the code and art. Game design is a big thing too. I’m subscribed to a lot of newsfeeds from many game related sites and blogs. RTS games are quite rare today. Reading I have stumbled … Continue reading

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Live Progress #35 – Unit icons

Another day and another small advancement. Today I felt like doing some drawing. Did a bunch of on unit icons to be used in statistics, house info and map editor menus: As you can see before that it was quite impossible … Continue reading

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Live Progress #34 – House animations

Been working on several things this week: refactoring maps scanner to allow to delete maps from the main menu. With the amount of test maps and builds, they quickly get outdated and need to be cleaned up once every while; … Continue reading

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