Live Progress #35 – Unit icons

Another day and another small advancement. Today I felt like doing some drawing. Did a bunch of on unit icons to be used in statistics, house info and map editor menus:

2015-05-04 unit iconsAs you can see before that it was quite impossible to distinguish between units. Now at least half of them have icons. Test – can you guess who is who? 😉

The icons are made in vector and downscaled (much alike described in this article). Hopefully those icons won’t stay like so for too long and will become much better.

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21 Responses to Live Progress #35 – Unit icons

  1. rob says:

    Carpenter, miner,chopper,baker,fisher,farmer,melter,blacksmith

    • Krom says:

      5 / 8. Means I have to spend a lot more time on making the citizens professions more clear 🙂

  2. Tiank says:

    For me the second one is a stonemason, because he doesn’t have a hat with light :). Others as Rob wrote.

  3. Dante says:

    I think baker should have rolling pin, because then he would be more recognizable and melter’s tool should be more recognizable too.
    That’s my opinion 🙂

  4. Freddy says:

    The first one is a builder and the fourth one a butcher?

  5. Kantona says:

    I like them! Only the smelter can have some improvement in my opinion. Oh and maybe the hammer of the builder can be a little bit larger, or maybe swap it to a chovel?

    greetings from holland
    keep up the good work!

  6. DarkianMaker says:

    Builder, Stonemason, Lumberjack, Carpenter, Fisherman, Farmer, Smelter, Blacksmith?

    • Krom says:

      8 / 8. Congratulations!

      Although it is clear now, that the Carpenter needs to be remade. He is very hard to recognize without a tool and is very alike baker / butcher.

  7. Kantona says:

    Can you make walls in this game, like age of empires? maybe a suggestion: you can only make some walls in the city (citywalls) to protect the heart (warehouse..) of the city


    • Krom says:

      Walls encourage turtling, which is already a big issue with the most of the RTS games.
      Maybe walls can be added after siege weapons are implemented (this is not going to happen anytime soon).

  8. The Dark Lord says:

    Well you can make walls fit into the game. If they are made really expensive/take a long time to build (which is realistic) it won’t be a big problem… Stuff like this can be balanced. 🙂

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