Live Progress #34 – House animations

Been working on several things this week:

  • refactoring maps scanner to allow to delete maps from the main menu. With the amount of test maps and builds, they quickly get outdated and need to be cleaned up once every while;
  • rigging RecastNavigation tester to allow to edit more of the agents parameters on-the-fly and clocking test cases. To my disappointment RN is still very raw;
  • workplans editor form, so far in preview mode, to allow to view all the workplans in the game and the time they take in game ticks. Will be very helpful later on when balancing production chains;
  • as usual – more refactorig, bugfixes and planning;
  • and finally, made the house animations proof of concept. Here’s the first house animation – Windmill blades at 5 rpm (in game they do):

2015-05-04 mill blades

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