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Alpha 3.02 – 3.08

Just a small fog of war update. Trying to fix the units/houses/minimap missing on a small group of players. Update: Alpha 3.07+ should be ending the fog of war issues now.

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Alpha 3. Wagons!

Alpha 3 is here and it has something new! There are many ideas for the Knights Province that revolve around the checkpoints (CP) on the map. Perhaps I should explain what CPs are first. CPs are points on the map … Continue reading

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Alpha 2.01 in works

List of upcoming bugfixes: Made FOW updates to game logic more frequent Range-check error when woodcutter is going to cut a tree near the maps edge Replays and savegames do not load AI would crash on attempt to train soldiers … Continue reading

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Alpha 2 featuring smooth fog of war

The main feature of this release is smooth real-time fog of war (FOW). Unlike previous version, this FOW is computed on GPU and is updated every frame, syncing back to the games logic every now and then. You can clearly … Continue reading

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Yet another Alpha 1 update

Alpha 1 receives yet another update. The biggest change (apart from many bugfixes) is temp display of unit types icons: Once again larger portion of changes is dedicated to bugfixes. Here’s the list: + Units are not visible along right/bottom … Continue reading

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Temp solution for missing unit models

While there are no proper unit models, temp solution is to overlay the unit icons and assest they carry (or armed with):

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Alpha 1 update

Thank you everyone for sending in crashreports and contacting me on Skype/Facebook/other media. Knights Province is coming along nicely. There are many bugfixes, but so far none of them are blockers AND hard to fix at the same time 🙂 Current … Continue reading

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Alpha 1 is out

Alpha 1 is finally here. After several hours of unexpected bugs popping up and emergency bugfixing the game has stabilized at Alpha version 1.04. Please try the updated package: Download link:

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