Alpha 2.01 in works

List of upcoming bugfixes:

  • Made FOW updates to game logic more frequent
  • Range-check error when woodcutter is going to cut a tree near the maps edge
  • Replays and savegames do not load
  • AI would crash on attempt to train soldiers
  • Wares production time for many houses is zero
  • Add option to toggle unit icons overlays (see on the F11 panel)
  • Game crashes when unit tries to walk out from the occupied Tavern
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2 Responses to Alpha 2.01 in works

  1. Maciek says:

    When this alpha ver. will be released?

  2. Quelle says:

    im suprised how fast the progress is developing. IT feels like a KaM but looks new. OLd school new rulez. keep on the good work

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