Alpha 3. Wagons!

Alpha 3 is here and it has something new!

There are many ideas for the Knights Province that revolve around the checkpoints (CP) on the map. Perhaps I should explain what CPs are first. CPs are points on the map that could be used by the player to his advantage. For example a stash of resources, or a neutral house or a trading post. A distant mountain with a gold deposit is also a CP. All these are using the same mechanic – something that player would like to take advantage of and something that is outside of players base.

One of the problems with CPs is need to transport wares to/from them. And now we are enclosing the Alpha 3 special feature – wagons! Wagons are required for almost any CP activity. Be it loot, transport, exchange, etc.

To start from something (note, any details can change in the future) wagons can not be built, look schematic, can take on board up to 10 of some ware and transport it without roads to a destination point.

There is still a lot rigging to do to make the wagons fit into the game. For now there can be spawned up from the map script, filled in only with wood and cannot be unloaded except by thedynamic script. Alpha 3 includes the test map with that functionality employed, called “Alpha Wagon”.

As usual there is a bunch of bugfixes and smaller improvements:

  • Range-check error when woodcutter is going to cut a tree near the maps edge
  • Replays and savegames do not load
  • AI would crash on attempt to train soldiers
  • Wares production time for many houses is zero
  • Add option to toggle unit icons overlays
  • Game crashes when unit tries to walk out from the occupied Tavern
  • Scrolling by key AND cursor causes a crash

And a download link:

[Download not found]
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8 Responses to Alpha 3. Wagons!

  1. Tiank says:

    Nice! Gonna test it and give you feedback of course, but I gotta say, that I’m really glad that bug with scrolling is fixed! It was bugging me a lot…

  2. Maciek says:

    Same problem dude i was trying it on another pc with windows 8 and i get the same crash

  3. [CN].Achilles says:

    Iron can not be built, and can not be re established after the demolition!

  4. mlacix says:

    Just minor bugs in Replays (may related to my other issue, not sure):
    – Game replays end instantly after loading them, lenght not matter.
    – In game replay view, the “Esc” button (to open up the menu) not working. Because replays instantly end for me, I’m not sure that this button not working at all, or just after having clicked on “Continue Watching”.

    Serious problem with buildings and objects:
    For some reason I cannot see a single unit nor building in the game. Every building and unit transparent for me. Cannot set a single work order (like placing a road or building). However I still can see the cursor changing when I move it over a buildings I know are there, but clicking still not doing anything.

    I tried both v3 and v3.1. I missed v2 when it was released but tested it now and same issue. With v1.1, everything working fine.

    To make it more complicated:
    – I cannot see only buildings and units. Roads, stones and other things are all (i guess) visible.
    – I cannot see the same things in single player and map editor.
    But there are some mission (like “Test Stone”) which show the buildings in the map editor, but not in the single player.
    – When I’m in replay view I can see everything, buildings and units too, but whenever I select “You” (or I guess anything other then “Show All”) I still geting the same issue of all those thing being hidden.
    – I cannot edit mission correctly, for example I cannot place anything from “player 1” (Red colored as default), but I can edit other maps, and after I created a map with AI only, and reloading it it’s will be set the AI as player by default and then I can place “player 1” units and buildings. Anyway not even the edited and newly made mission’s units and buildings load in the singleplayer game, but usualy they load in editor when I create a new mission.

    I already reloaded the game’s verions many time, reinstalled OpenAl, but nothing changed. Also I guess most of my problem have the same source. I think it has nothing to do with my PC but here are some info.

    PC specs.: AMD 4400+, ATI 4850, 3GB DDR2, Win7 32bit.

    In the main menu of the game:
    “/ATI Radeon 4800 Series (OpenGL 3.3.11399)”

    It’s would be great if there would be a forum, forum section or a bug tracker to help the devs with more informations.

    • Krom says:

      Thank you for reporting this!
      I will look into the replays later, as they are less important than the actual game (if there’s nothing to play, then there’s nothing to replay)
      Please send screenshots of the missing houses/units and when they are visible in some maps and MapEd to

      • mlacix says:

        Mail sent with images.

        • Krom says:

          Cool, thanks, will take a look now. Could you also send in the Logs folder contents please, maybe there are some insights in it too.

        • Krom says:

          The problem seems to be with the fog of war. As seen from the screens, it generates fine (circles surround player town and moving units), but it breaks on the part where it is sent from GPU to CPU (hence no objects are revealed) and is broken after (hence black minimap). MapEd does not use fog of war, hence it renders all fine. I will look into the issue deeper now.

          Thanks again for your report and detailed screens, they help a lot!

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