Alpha 2 featuring smooth fog of war

The main feature of this release is smooth real-time fog of war (FOW). Unlike previous version, this FOW is computed on GPU and is updated every frame, syncing back to the games logic every now and then. You can clearly see its benefits in smooth revelation circles, which are looking especially smooth in motion. Screenshot can show only a fraction of it:

2015-08-11 smooth fow

Since this new FOW is a brand new feature I’m especially interested in bugreports and feedback about it.

Knights Province Alpha 2


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6 Responses to Alpha 2 featuring smooth fog of war

  1. [CN].Achilles says:

    I’d like to know how to remove the icon from the characters.Thank you

  2. Tiank says:

    FOW is running smooth, I can see no problems/bugs so far :).

    However, I noticed, that in MapEd I can’t add resoruces in Camp.

    • Krom says:

      To the Camp of to the Store/Fort? Because Camp works fine 🙂

      • Tiank says:

        Now I see where’s the problem, I’m playing in windowed mode, thus can’t see the bottom, where increase/decrease buttons are 😉

        2 bugs I’ve noticed:
        – when changing resolution, all buildings in MapEd are darker
        – in MapED, when placing overlays (like gravel 00) you can place a building on it. However, when reloading the map, we’ll get an error message, that building couldn’t be placed because of that obstacle. Okay. After deleting that obstacle, we still can’t place building, even though there’s nothing in the way. We need to reload map once again to make it possible to place something there. Link to album with screenshots:,vzK4lAV,wnGJZGJ

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