Alpha 1 is out

Alpha 1 is finally here.

After several hours of unexpected bugs popping up and emergency bugfixing the game has stabilized at Alpha version 1.04. Please try the updated package:

Download link: Knights Province Alpha 1

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16 Responses to Alpha 1 is out

  1. DarkianMaker says:

    Looking good so far, but there seems to be a bug with the FoW. Whenever I test it everything is covered in fog, even my own buildings.

  2. Jan-Willem says:

    post a link for bug reports?

  3. Tiank says:

    Nice to see it at last! 😀 Do you want any specific feedback?

    • Krom says:

      I have got a huge amount of bugreports, mostly fixed in Alpha 1.04 🙂

      • Tiank says:

        Some feedback from me after 2 hours of playing 🙂

        -I like progress bar in buildings, great!
        -It’s nice, that Cidermaker has different entrance setup than other buildings, it’s something new 🙂
        -Claim Victory button is very useful and I like that it can be hidden with objectives 🙂

        -in Tavern, when you hover a mouse over a food it shows how much it will satisfy hunger bar
        -some way to manage recruits between Fort and Barracks (move them from one to another)
        -maybe it’s too early to talk about balance issues, but I have a feeling, that wool income from Sheep farm should be decreased to 1x and maybe Cloth income to 1x as well, since it seems to have a lot of unused Cloth with just those two buildings

        -While scrolling with keyboard’s arrows and mouse at the edge of the screen there’s Range Check Error (only when scrolling down or down+left/right)
        -When building under construction is selcted, there is no switch into it’s abbilities after it’s finished (for example
        school, when it’s selected while under construction you can’t train anyone after it’s finished, you need to select it
        again for it’s functions to appear)
        -can’t delete save game’s name while saving
        – (not sure if this is a bug or just unfinished feature) armory workshop doesn’t work (no shield production nor leather, serfs don’t deliver leather to this building)

  4. FLB says:

    Fantastic 🙂

    The link for openAL in the readme is dead … found here :

  5. Cristofer Oswald says:

    So, I got a bug. If I click “split” in a military group and then “join” (to join the two groups created) I loose all control of the game, I cant click my buildings and unitys nor press esc to open the menu. I can do nothing. The only way to quit is clicking on the menu button on the upper left corner. The map is “town2”.

  6. Johannes Burock says:

    I recommend this link to use for temporary music 😉

    Good work so far!

    • Krom says:

      KaM music is great, but Knights Province is a different game. Hopefully next version will feature more unique music tracks )

      • Johannes Burock says:

        Hopefully it will be!
        I liked kam and esp. the remake but after hundreds of battles it became a bit…repetetive. But after some minutes of playing KP many functions look very known, maybe to (?) known. Even some buildings look nearly the same.
        Dont get me wrong, its cool to see a “second” KaM and your work is great (!) but i really hope it will become different enough to KaM.
        Keep up the good work 😀

        • Krom says:

          One has to start somewhere to move forward
          I hope you will like KP when it becomes more mature 🙂

  7. Nick "Looseminded" W. says:

    I’ll check this out when I get off work and throughout the week 🙂 Will post feedback as available.

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