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4000 commits, yay!

Did 4000th commit into Knights Province repository yesterday – another milestone! 🙂 Took me some 2,5 years.

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Reworking fighting mechanics

This week I was working on new fighting mechanics for Knights Province. I want fights to be a little less random. Hence units will have a lot of hitpoints and proper damage range. Should these numbers show to a player? … Continue reading

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Wallside texture

This weekend I spent at one of my favorite activities, which I turn to very rarely – painting textures. Here is wallside texture – at ~70% done. I’m painting in Photoshop at x4 scale and then resize the image to actual size. … Continue reading

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Light texture optimizations

For today’s improvement I have added textures reuse. All terrain decals are different models. For example road decals are 6 different models (having 0 – 4 connections to neighbors in different configurations). Each decal now has UV texture of the road. … Continue reading

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