Light texture optimizations

For today’s improvement I have added textures reuse.


All terrain decals are different models. For example road decals are 6 different models (having 0 – 4 connections to neighbors in different configurations). Each decal now has UV texture of the road. Which lead to one common texture being loaded 6 different times.

Now with textures reuse – all road decals reference one single texture.

P.S. I’m not quite happy with the road texture, it is likely to be changed before Alpha 7.

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7 Responses to Light texture optimizations

  1. sado says:

    If I may suggest something, I would think about randomising the directions of the road stones, and randomising their shades a well. Not sure how GPU intensive that would be though 😛

    • Krom says:

      To be implemented later 🙂

      I have built engine with support for such randomizations (on “per-model” level) – each tile can have several variants, out of which one can be picked randomly. But I won’t be spending time on this feature until later – there are much too many places requiring attention and improvement.

  2. jan kowalski says:


  3. Me.W. says:

    You should really keep an eye on kam remake mantaining process instead of spend 100% time on this game. It’s look really nice but kam has still so work to do…

    • Krom says:

      Thank you for opinion.

    • Tiank says:

      There’s not much to do in Kam now, except some bug fixes. And KP would be very similar to Kam with many improvements, so it’s better to focus on KP imo 😉 however, I hope that Krom didn’t forget about Kam 🙂

  4. jan kowalski says:

    KaM is Gold but OLD world need KP !!

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