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Summing up 2015

2015 is near its end. This year was quite busy for Knights Province and its creator (me). Gains include: Public Alpha release! (in fact 4 major public alphas!) Thousands of downloads and gameplays New game mechanics (wagons, campfires, objectives) Lots of … Continue reading

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Streaming again

Streaming again at:

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Player colors

Support for player colors on units has been added: This and many other changes are to come in Alpha 5, which hopefully gets released in a week or so.

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Two new things

Two new things to show for today’s progress: Oak trees and edge-of-the-map. Oak trees I like more (although they are gonna change in the future, with proper texturing and such). Map edge is certainly to get much prettier too.

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Guardians of treasures

When you want to put a treasure on the map, how do you plan to keep the guards fed?

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Cotton to replace Sheep

As some of you noticed in-game and on site plans – Sheep farm was planned to be in the game to produce yarn from which cloth would be made to hire citizens. Major drawback is consistency, sheep would have to … Continue reading

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Rev 3000

Just have committed revision 3000 into Knighs Province SVN. Yay!

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