Guardians of treasures

When you want to put a treasure on the map, how do you plan to keep the guards fed?

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  1. Ray says:

    I can’t recall if this was a feature Knights & Merchants had, but serfs would bring food to the troops to keep them fed. Alternatively, you could have supply wagons join the military. The supply wagons have the food soldiers need, but it has a limited supply and thus they can only go so far with so many supply wagons.

    • Krom says:

      That is the catch – treasure guardians don’t have towns nearby and don’t have serfs to feed them.
      Wagons are viable alternative.

  2. 4lexO says:

    A dedicated wagon for each group of military. The wagon is prepared by a supply button by serfs with different type of food. With a time limit the wagon loose his food. Of course, the time limit is enough to have a real use in game play.
    I think the wagon is a great thing and will add a plus compared to KaM 🙂

  3. KingCornfield says:

    Why not wagons were you have to deposite wares first. So there is possibility to set them to infinite by script?
    Maybe an Depostite-Button, on klick the Servs would grab Wares out of Warehouse an carry to the Waggon, ideal if you travel it nearby.

  4. Syd Montague says:

    If you don’t plan to add a way to starve them out, just add a “needsFood” flag to the entity and set it to false for those guard units?

    That would probably be helpful for larger scale combat only scenarios as well.

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