Summing up 2015

2015 is near its end. This year was quite busy for Knights Province and its creator (me). Gains include:

  • Public Alpha release! (in fact 4 major public alphas!)
  • Thousands of downloads and gameplays
  • New game mechanics (wagons, campfires, objectives)
  • Lots of artwork by 3rd party
  • Professional unit models and animations by 3rd party
  • 3 new music tracks! (to be included in Alpha 5) by Andre Sklenar
  • New fog of war techniques
  • Successfully tried streaming development on Twitch
  • Recorded videos with voice-over (yep, for the first time)
  • Got much deeper understanding of gameplay mechanics
  • Got a lot more experience with 3rd-party contractors
  • And last but not least – lot’s of positive feedback and offers of help from you guys!

On the downside however:

  • Wasted a lot of time on unit navigation (which is not working out so great after all)
  • Contractor work revealed to be really expensive for the game of such scale
  • I realized that I have to learn a lot more about gamedev (which is doubtfully a bad thing)
  • Anything else I forgot to include in pros or cons

All-in-all 2015 was a good year and I’m looking forward to what 2016 brings. Thank you all for support and interest in my humble ambiguous project – share if you like! 😀


Knights Province crew walks/floats into 2016

Wish you Happy New Year everyone!!!

Bonus poll: What single feature would you like to see the most in Knights Province next year?

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10 Responses to Summing up 2015

  1. sado says:


    A man can dream lol

  2. Marko says:

    All aboard the hype train!!! chu-chu!

  3. KingCornfield says:

    No Bugs…thats a dream made by players 🙂

  4. thimo says:

    My vote strongly goes to “player awards” like achievements and/or unlocking special troops by completing missions.

  5. ko says:

    multiplayer & AI player

  6. 4lexO says:

    Auto implemented-updater

  7. Phoenix says:

    Keen to help 😀

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