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Sidenote sketch

Did this sketch while explaining over Google Hangouts to Jery how in-game cursor areas work:  

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Fooling around

Was fooling around the other weekend and over-painted this jolly Baker:

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Cleaning up

Having hard time concentrating on a complex problem of navigation, so my mind starts to wander around getting up to speed to deal with that by doing minor bits and pieces. Right now – cleaning up the code: removing unused … Continue reading

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Live Progress #33 – On Recast navigation

Unit navigation is one of the core systems of the game which effect almost everything: terrain, passability, unit interaction, fighting, city planning, houses, gui, resource mining, and other things. Since the dawn of ages we used so-called Tiled navigation. Terrain … Continue reading

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Live Progress #32 – Unit costs

I’d like to keep AI up to date because it can build towns in a very short time and that is a good simulation of the load put on CPU and GPU. As well a showcase of the games looks. AI … Continue reading

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Live Progress #31 – Animated flag

Since last “live progress”, I did some more Tavern texturing and fixing and started with Fishermans. I’m not happy with basement stones layout and plaster texture, so I need to take a break before returning to them with fresh ideas. … Continue reading

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Fishermans house sketch

This is a new fishermans house sketch. Fishermans house has a few key elements. Firstly there’s a beloved boat, with which fisherman just can not part. Maybe an oar will appear next to it. The house itself is built on piles, … Continue reading

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Live Progress #30 – Working on houses

Been working on houses for the past few days. Modelling, texturing and previewing. This is Fishermans house model I’m refactoring now, optimizing polycount, covering holes and fixing proportions. Now house area can be set from GUI, with handy chechboxes. P.S. Fixed a … Continue reading

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Tavern wip

I did not show you the Tavern art yet, right?

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