Live Progress #31 – Tavern Animated flag

Since last “live progress”, I did some more Tavern texturing and fixing and started with Fishermans. I’m not happy with basement stones layout and plaster texture, so I need to take a break before returning to them with fresh ideas.

Meanwhile Jery has been working on flag animations. We have discussed implementation ideas and picked the simplest for now – procedural animation in vertex shader. Surprisingly it came out very good.

Here’s our joint result:

2015-01-20 flag

2015-01-20 flag2P.S. I believe I have mentioned Jery. He gives me a hand with the NG from time to time. He did the cursor-terrain intersection code around summer 2014 iirc.

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3 Responses to Live Progress #31 – Tavern Animated flag

  1. Lewin says:

    I tried it out, the flag animation looks great 🙂

  2. Jonas says:

    Looks amazing from the pictures=)

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