Fishermans house sketch

This is a new fishermans house sketch.


Fishermans house has a few key elements.

  • Firstly there’s a beloved boat, with which fisherman just can not part. Maybe an oar will appear next to it.
  • The house itself is built on piles, to avoid possible flooding, just in case.
  • Rooftop shingles resembling scales of a fish.
  • There’s a barrel in the yard, for smoking the fish, so when fisherman returns from fishing he puts the fish in it and waits for some time, to let it become smoked and edible.
  • Smoked fish is placed on a rooftop side to additionally dry and serfs to take.
  • Fishing poles and a bucket are taken by the fisher when he goes to catch fish.

The house is quite colorful and I especially like the blue/orange tints complimenting and enriching each other. Door and house walls are a bit stripey/monotone, so maybe there will be plaster walls.

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6 Responses to Fishermans house sketch

  1. Ben says:

    Looks absolutely fantastic! Are you making this art, Krom? If so, very nice job!

    Smoked fish are put on the rooftop…of the house? Why would somebody put fish on top of their house? Perhaps a bench table (similar to the one in the bakery for the loaves in KaM) to place the fish on would look much nicer and make more sense? 🙂

  2. The Dark Lord says:

    Storing fish on the rooftop seems a bit strange indeed. Easy pray for the seagulls? 😉 Other than that, looks very nice. 🙂

  3. KingCornfield says:

    Like the idea with scale-looking shingles. Gives some recall: “Looking for fish hut, where is it. Aaaaah. There!”
    Maybe i wouldnt draw the roof above the boat, so it would be better seen. The ready fish could hang on a gallow in front of boat.

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