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Drawing a button

Here’s an excerpt from last 1,5 hours that I’ve spent designing a button for NG. This button to be exact:

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Drawing icons

Here I’ll try to explain how icons are being made for NG and why they are being made this way.

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Preliminary wares icons done

Just as planned – are all wares icons done. So far they are just preliminary sketches, but some are already looking nice. Proceed inside!

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Yarn, Cloth and Cider

New wares ideas: Yarn, Cloth It has bugged me a lot to have skilled citizens cost the same as serfs – one gold chest. We can add new ware – Cloth. So that low-skill units (serfs, builders) cost just the cloth, … Continue reading

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Working on ware icons

  Developing a game without graphics is hard. For example, opening Storage house and seeing set of empty squares with numbers below – what are these invisible wares? That was irritating me for a long time, so at last I … Continue reading

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Live progress #22 – Distilling water

Here’s what’s new from the last week: Multilevel water support has been added. So far it is quite limited – only 2 water bodies, but that can be easily upscaled to 4. On the screenshot below you can see there’s … Continue reading

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Farmer artwork

New artwork – the Farmer:  

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Live progress #21 – Fog and performance

The biggest hit from the last weekend is an improved render, but lets maintain the order of events and start from top. Firstly there was a lot of work on the water shader and overall rigging of it with the … Continue reading

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